Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Iran newspaper calls French first lady a 'prostitute' and says that she deserves to die, for voicing support of mother of 2 to be stoned

To many in the Islamic world all western women are prostitutes. As the only women with an outward measure of freedom in most of these places are prostitutes. For many Muslims ~ freedom for women equals prostitution. If you travel to the Islamic world as a western woman you should expect people to assume you are a prostitute.

It is difficult to spot the prostitutes at first in the Islamic world because they are all/the vast majority are in traditional Islamic dress. Prostitutes wear headscarves and full covering dress ~ like any Muslim woman does in the west.

In Iran of course ~ this thinking is raised to another level. And any woman who is seen as not abiding by Islam's religious laws should be in their books be killed.

There is only so much explaining we can do to protect Islam ~ its outdated ideas are on the way down. Stoned to death perhaps by world public opinion. : For trying to save the life of a woman charged with adultery, the France's First Lady is targeted by Iranian newspaper which also states that Bruni 'deserves to die'.

The editors of a leading Iranian newspaper have taken aim at France's First Lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, suggesting she deserves to die for opposing a death sentence ruling.

Tehran daily publication Kayhan has published an attack on the French celebrities who are trying to save the life of an Iranian woman charged with adultery - and the writers of the article have singled out former model Bruni-Sarkozy and actress Isabelle Adjani.

In the piece, the star is referred to as a "prostitute" who "deserves to die". The attack comes just days after the French president's wife published an open letter in support of Sakineh Ashtiani, the woman due to be stoned to death.

The publication also called Bruni-Sarkozy "the singer and decadent actress who managed to break (up) the Sarkozy family." But Ramin Mehmanparast, a foreign ministry spokesman, has since told international reporters that "insulting the officials of other countries and using inappropriate words is not approved of by the Islamic Republic of Iran."


gsw said...

Hmm, does he really expect us to believe that the government does NOT control the media?

Even after the government of Iran stated that the Danish government was responsible for what the Danish press published?

Nada said...

Islam respects women but extremists don't. There is a huge difference. It is forbidden in Islam to judge people. I am a Muslim and I don't believe women in Europe or anywhere else are prostitutes. People of different religions or beliefs should be respected by all Muslims. Yet extremists believe otherwise. Do not generalize please!