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Indonesia: Second Expat’s Home Stormed in Ramadan Riot Over Statues Resembling Hindu Deities

German national Stephen Alexander at Senggigi Police headquarters in Lombok on Tuesday. The long-term expatriate's villa was badly damaged and his motorcycle set on fire for allegedly insulting Islam

Oh Dear ~ Banged up in Islamonesia!!

The first guy an American is imprisoned for blasphemy against Islam !!! Warning !!!

Ramadan is a time when Muslims go crazy ~ leave the country!! As the days go on they look more and more menacingly at things which they consider not in keeping with Islam or the practise of Ramadan. And in most states they don't have a choice whether to follow the ritual or not. In moderate Morocco its six months jail time for not participating in the fast.

The other guy is a German and it seems the villagers did not take to his western version of Islam ~ tired of looking at his Hindu-like statuses ~ at Ramadan they pounced and ransacked his house. Which left him stuck doing the ~ I'm a good Muslim act ~ but they pointed out that he was inappropriately dressed at the time!! He's now in police custody [prusumably for causing offence.]

The fact is most converts to Islam would be shocked at how deep the Islamic rabbit hole goes. We are western.

This is a serious turn of events ~ because it shows the Indonesians are turning against the western foreigners ~ whatever they say they believe ~ and imposing Islamic law on them.

It is the same pattern across the Islamic world ~ Muslims attack and the police back the Muslim attackers.

Jakarta. A German man was the second foreigner to see his home destroyed in Lombok during the holy month after his complaints about damage to his property interrupted evening prayers.

Stephen Alexander, 35, who has lived on the resort island for 10 years, was “loudly” complaining outside the village chief’s home about the destruction of statues he kept in his yard, enciting about 200 residents from Lembah Sari, West Lombok, to ransack his villa and set fire to a motorcycle, said Mustan, a local.

Locals from Sidemen village on Lombok’s main tourism area of Senggigi told the Jakarta Globe on Tuesday that hundreds of residents had attacked and wrecked a villa belonging to a German national and torched his motorcycle for blaspheming Islam.

Police identified the man as Stephen Alexander, 35, also known as Abu-Can Peter.

Mustan, a local, said Alexander discovered that a vandal had decapitated one of the statues in front of his villa on Monday evening and took the severed head to the home of village chief Amalsah.

“He came carrying the statue head and got angry at the village chief, accusing the villagers of damaging his statues.”

Alexander threatened to report the vandalism to the police if Amalsah could not find the vandal within two weeks, Mustan said.

He said villagers had just finished tarawih (evening prayers during Ramadan) and were insulted when Alexander demanded to know, “What kind of Muslims we were?”

“His words were deeply hurtful.” [+]

“He barged into the village chief’s house, accusing residents of destroying his statues, and questioned what kind of Muslims we were,” Mustan said.

Alexander, who is also a Muslim, had been “warned” to remove the statues because they resembled Hindu deities.

Residents were reportedly angered by Alexander’s disruption of their prayers.

Soon after, the mob had grown to about 200 people, who then gathered outside his villa in the tourist district of Senggigi. Alexander managed to escape the rampage, but was later picked up by police.

It was unclear whether police had placed him in protective custody or detained him pending charges.

Hadli, the village chief, said Alexander’s asking “what kind of Muslims are your residents?” had sparked the mob’s violent reaction.

He added that the German had been impolite, “because he wasn’t wearing a shirt while he was complaining.”

But when talking to reporters at the police station, Alexander said he had never raised the issue of faith during the prayer session.

“I only asked about the two people who destroyed my statues,” he said.

“I know Islam. I did not bring a knife, I did not do anything. But why did 200 people destroy my house? It is Ramadan now, it is forbidden to be violent.”

West Lombok Police Chief Agus Supriyanto said officers were still investigating the case.

“What we have learned is that he approached the village chief’s house, yelling as if he was mocking the residents,” Agus said.

On Aug. 22, American expatriate Luke Gregory Lloyd was nearly mobbed by villagers in Central Lombok after he allegedly barged into a prayer session at a mosque with his shoes on, unplugged a microphone and may have even assaulted one of the worshipers.

Lloyd, who is facing six years in prison after police charged him with blaspheming Islam and immigration violations and whose home was also ransacked, denies wrongdoing in the case.

Jakarta Globe

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