Friday, September 3, 2010

Geert Wilders denounces Australian Muslim leader's call for beheading

It seems the Imam has learned nothing about respect for freedoms in Australia.

Almost guaranteed now the main concern would be not to hurt his feelings!

This is the same Aussie Imam, who after some Afghanistan Muslim refugee immigrants got off the plane, in their new country, they literally went on a raping spree. But when they got 25 years each, in protest, the good Imam, said the women/girls deserved to be raped because they left their houses and who can blame the cat if the 'meat' is left outside.

Mr Wilders, who lives under perpetual death threat and is the country’s most heavily guarded politician, demanded assurance from the country’s Interior Ministry that the message was been treated seriously.

“This is really terrible news and a very serious threat, unfortunately,” Mr Wilders said.“I will ask for clarification from the Dutch minister of interior/justice why the secret service and anti-terrorism unit NCTb have not informed me before and what the consequences will be for me.”

Sydney-born Feiz Muhammad posted a speech on an Internet site in which he condemned Mr Wilders as “this Satan, this devil, this politician in Holland” and called on his followers to “chop off his head” because Wilders “denigrated” Islam.

A report in De Telegraaf newspaper said Muhammad declared that anyone who talks about Islam like Wilders does should be executed by beheading.

The Freedom Party led by Mr Wilders scored the biggest gains in June 9 polls and is currently negotiating to form a new minority government with the Liberals and Christian Democrats. Polls show Wilders would win a new election if one were called now.

MrWilders, who campaigns for an end to Muslim immigration and a ban on the building of new mosques and the Koran in a bid to end the “Islamisation” of the Netherlands, has been under 24-hour protection since 2004.

Mr Muhammad has gained notoriety for, among other things, calling on young children to be radicalised and blaming rape victims for their own attacks.


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Behead this Aussie Imam.