Tuesday, September 28, 2010

French Parliament to begin immigration bill debate, that could strip naturalised citizens of their citizenship [Video]


We are not quite there yet ~ the idea of Muslims from former colonies saying ~ we don't want to follow your laws ~ and we are going to do what we want ~ the only thing that might be missing in the future is that they would not be able to remain French. The idea of this new immigration proposal is that French citizenship should be earned.

Geert Wilders has been saying the same things in Holland. If you don't want to follow the law ~ if you want to carry out serious crimes against the state or against those of other religions ~ then you are no longer welcomed!! But where Wilders takes a lot of heat, France and other nations are carrying these ideas out. In Holland they call it 'street terrorism' ~ where people are attacked for no reason or because they find themselves in an area deemed to be Muslim. But the burning of cars has been seen in several countries across Europe.

French lawmakers are to begin a parliamentary debate on Tuesday on a bill that would extend the circumstances under which naturalised French nationals can be stripped of their citizenship if they commit serious crimes.

The draft law also contains provisions that would facilitate the expulsion of foreigners from France, including citizens of some EU countries.

It would also allow police to detain illegal immigrants for longer, giving authorities more time to secure and enforce deportation orders.

The debate is expected to last two weeks.

France 24

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