Monday, September 27, 2010

Door closing for burqa in Europe: Anti-burqa bill introduced in Italian senate, similar to French law

Burqa-clad women cast their ballots at a polling station in Herat, western Afghanistan September 18, 2010

Muslim women in Europe playing submissive ~ in the Islamic world most do that for real!

Rome, 27 Sept. (AKI) - An Italian politician with close ties to prime minister Silvio Berlusconi on Monday introduced a bill into the Italian upper house of parliament prohibiting the wearing of face-covering burquas in public.

The bill, introduced by Senator Simona Vicari's bill comes on the heels of a similar proposal last week submitted by a member of the country's anti-immigrant North League party.

"Who decides to live in another country must accept the rules of that place," the Sicilian member of the ruling conservative People of Freedom Party (PdL) said.

Vicari was part of Berluconi's Forza Italia part before the 2009 founding of the PdL.

Her bill would bring up to date a 1975 anti-terrorism law banning the wearing in public of clothes and headgear that cover the face.

That law came into being amid Italy's so-called "Years of Lead" from the late 1960s to the early 1980s when extreme right- and left-wing political groups engaged in street fighting and bloody acts of terrorism.

On Friday, a member of the anti-immigrant Northern League - the PdL's coalition partner - introduced a bill in the lower house of parliament baning the burqa.

The draft law would make wearing the burqa punishable by a year in prison, impose fines of 150 to 300 euros for the wearer and 30,000 euros for anyone forcing a woman to don the face-concealing Islamic garment.

Seventy-three percent of Italians believe the burqa should not be allowed to be worn in public places, according to a recent poll.

The bills come just days after the French Senate voted by 246 to one to ban the burqa.

Under the new French law, women will be fined or jailed for covering their faces in public.

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