Sunday, September 26, 2010

British woman kidnapped in Afghanistan after insurgents ambush convoy

Yvonne Ridley after being captured by the Taliban. Below pictured before.

There was one British journalist who was taken by the Taliban ~ when she returned ~ I suppose subconsciously grateful to the Taliban for her release ~ now wears a turban and argues as a Muslim convert, on the side of radical Islam. And talks of Islamic revolution. Her own statements seem to indicate that she cares what the Taliban think of her ~ and western women. And even after years of being released ~ there's a battle to prove them wrong. When you think you are going to die for a prolonged period ~ rationale could easily go out of the window. Western women are proud of who they are ~ and what they have achieved. Fear no doubt made Yvonne Ridley forget.

We can only hope this women will be alright. If you are not killed Stockholm Syndrome is a real issue.

A British woman was kidnapped today in Afghanistan after insurgents ambushed her vehicle.

The Foreign Office are investigating after the woman, who has not been named, was taken along with her guard, driver and another aid worker this morning.

Afghan media say the kidnap victim was working for the American firm Development Alternatives Inc, an aid contracting firm.

The ambush took place as the group were driving in two cars through Kunar province to Jalalabad.

Bleak: Kunar Province in Afghanistan where the British woman was taken
They were stopped in the Spin Jumaat area of Sawakai district at around 11am local time.

General Abdus Saboor Allahyar, the provincial police chief, said the workers had not told police about their trip.

It is thought they had been on their way to the opening of a canal renovation project in the Narang area of the province.

They were taken away by foot and a major search operation is now under way with the assistance of local tribal elders, BBC News 24 reported.

A Foreign Office spokesman said: 'We can confirm that a British national is missing in Afghanistan. We are working with other international agencies to urgently investigate these reports.'

The apparent abduction comes just weeks after British doctor Dr Karen Woo, 36, was killed by gunmen in the country

Dr Woo was on a medical expedition to the dangerous northern region when she and her team were ambushed as they returned to Kabul.

Each member of the group was executed one by one in the worst attack on aid workers in the region for 30 years.

 Kunar Province in Afghanistan where the British woman was taken

Daily Mail

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