Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Aussie Imam radio broadcast ~ says Wilders should be beheaded for criticizing Islam [Video]

Imagine the thought that anyone who criticizes Islam should be beheaded ~ meant that for centuries Muslims could not take an objective look at their religious beliefs ~ and so their condition ~ for fear of being killed.

Enter the real world ~ and Muslims are shocked at the open questioning of the Prophet's behavior ~ he sanctioned rape for example. In a battle [to convert] Muhammad saw his men were reluctant to have intercourse with the captive women in front of their husbands [Hadith] ~ and on the spot was inspired by 'God' to come up with Koran 4:24* which allows Muslim men to rape/ go with any woman in his possession. And this is besides his relations with a 6 year old child. And it is even questionable whether the child was even 9 when he had relations with her ~ as the Islamic year is based on the cycle of the moon. As far as we know she never bore children. If this is the perfect man ~ he was one who perfectly fulfilled his own desires.

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