Friday, September 24, 2010

Ambitious plans: “And we really need 10 years to make Europe Muslim”

Egyptian preacher Amr Khaled explains his plan.

See this is how you do it ~ you have several babies then you marry each one to a cousin back home ~ and when they immigrate ~ you have double the number!! Easy! Takeover imminent.

Europe ~ Islam's unobtainium.

He said:” for us Muslims, the most important thing that there are many millions Muslims in Europe and this means many implications.

The Muslims keep having children while the European don´t; this means that within 20 years the muslims will be a majority, which will have an exceptional influence on the decision-making.

All this makes other groups very angry and they consider this to be very dangerous, these are the enemies of islam, as we know full well.

The goal of the enemies of Islam is to drive 20-30 million Muslim out of Europe, or to provoke them in away that would lead to their banishment.

In order to drive the Muslims out of Europe, the European peoples must have a pretext, giving them legitimacy to do so.

Therefore, their (Europeans) solution is to continue the provocation(against the muslims) and to continue to do things that would provoke the Muslims who would make mistakes such bombings and other unusual responses.

What is the sollution?

We(Muslims) must be very realistic and positive.

What we need is for the many millions of muslims in europe to infiltrate(society), to show that muslims are respectful in all places; companies where they work, in sports club and in all places where a muslim can influance a european person and continue to have so much babies.

That will abolish the plan and the muslims will remain in europe.

And we(muslims) really need ten years to make Europe Muslim.


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