Monday, August 9, 2010

UK shopping center to remove Muslim hole-in-floor toilets under public pressure

If a child wonders in and falls into one of those things ~ the shopping center could get sued.

After a session of cultural training by fundamentalist Muslim group ~ the shopping center decided to install the Islamo-loos, for the full on Islamic experience.

London, Aug.9 (ANI): The Exchange Shopping Centre in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, has been persuaded by the public to remove Muslim-style toilets.

According to the Daily Express, the shopping center had installed two "Nile" pans recessed into the floor alongside the traditional seat WCs.

They were designed like loos in a local mosque.

The loos are now being ripped out after a welter of complaints in the town - where around 10 per cent of the population is Asian.

Interesting ~ the guy behind the toilets ~ a Ghulam Rasul Shahzad was awarded an OBE [Order of British Empire], by the Queen ~ could he be using his position to apply undue pressure on organizations to make changes in accordance with Islamic law ~ if so he could be accused of misusing trust placed in him!!