Monday, August 9, 2010

UK Muslim anti-terrorism summer camp infiltrated by Al-Qaeda

Is anti-terrorism camp the new revival meeting!!

Saved from life as a terrorist!!

Anyway it appears the fox has got into the hen house!! Al Qaeda members have taken an interest in the camp that teaches children how Islam could mean peace. Information contained in a 600 page document!

Muslims have got a big job to fix this broke Islam thing!!

Pic. Boy at Al Qaeda kids-day-out in Somalia! One big Al Qaeda camp down there!!

Al-Qaida fanatics have allegedly infiltrated Britain's first ever anti-terrorism summer camp.

According to the Daily Star, over 1,300 youngsters from the UK and other countries attended the three-day conference that was convened to discuss ways to stop extremists from getting to young British Muslims.

The daily quoted one of the organizers, as saying that militants loyal to Osama Bin Laden's network may have slipped inside.

Dr. Muhammad Tahir ul-Qadri said: "We are not afraid of any infiltration. If anyone comes with the wrong intention by the time he goes back, he will be changed." (ANI)

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