Friday, August 6, 2010

Straight from the bastion of religious intolerance: Gulf News writes: Islam cannot be confused with terrorism: New York was right to approve Ground Zero mosque

Imagine a lesson in tolerance from the most intolerant unfree region in the world outside of North Korea!! Here it is from Gulf News:

It is essential that the world knows the difference between terrorism and Islam. Terrible atrocities committed by criminals and terrorists, who were also Muslims, do not have anything to do with the religion of Islam, a religion of tolerance and outstanding human values.

When you want to believe in something, I want to say UFOs but they are likely more real than Islamic tolerance. The claim of religious tolerance is forbidden in Islam. Unless like many Muslims you count the subjugation of all non-Muslims and the requirement to pay a special jizya tax as tolerant ~ it is hard to see how Islam is tolerant towards other religions. As for other religious institutions ~ you could count them on one hand that exist in the Gulf ~ Arabia zero. And it is most likely the Arabians who will pull out the $100 million + for the Ground Zero Mosque.

Islam is not tolerant. There are the Dhimmi laws, which give non-Muslims second class or non-status in any Muslim nation. This is an example of Muslim tolerance. And it is hard to dispute. It is a Dhimmi-Apartheid.

The terrorists have had far too much coverage over the past decade, and the faithful of mainstream Islam have not made their message loud enough for the world to hear. But this does not change the truth. Islam is a religion which completely rejects terrorism, and mass murder.

Right from the start Islam was spread through the use of violence. Most of the people who are Muslim today, came to be under this violent conquest. I think the main message for Muslims needs to be its time for change.

The atrocity of 9/11 was condemned by Muslim leaders from many sects and nations. Which makes it very hard to understand the row going on in New York over the city's Landmarks Preservation Commission to approve the construction of a mosque and Islamic centre two blocks from Ground Zero. The mosque has nothing to do with Al Qaida or its violent followers, yet right-wing politicians have rushed to condemn it as wrong.

The leader of the Ground Zero mosque project doesn't believe Muslims committed these terrorist acts. And has publicly stated that it was an American conspiracy to make Islam look bad. Has written a book in Arabic that is called something like 'Out of the 9/11 rubble ~ comes Islamic teachings'. Arrogant shocking the rest.

The United States has a proud tradition of commitment to religious and individual freedom. It is a mark of respect for that tradition that even countries which have deep disputes with the policies of various American administrations, still aspire to share the dream that the Founding Fathers of the United States summed up in a constitution that is a benchmark of freedom.

Freedom which Muslims don't allow in any of their countries almost without exception!! Freedoms which they can use to their advantage to spread their religion in the west ~ while barring the freedom of all other religions in their own countries. What a game they are playing!!

It is a deep outrage that opponents of this mosque persist in fanning anti-Islamic rhetoric for their own narrow political purposes. They are wrong to deliberately confuse the destructive and violent tactics of Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaida, with the true Islamic way espoused by billions of people worldwide. And the city of New York has been right to stand by its own American values and approve the mosque against the bitter chauvinism of its opponents.

Deep outrage ~ for the opponents of the 9/11 mosque ~ but almost stone silence when it comes to the fact that the Saudi's allow not a single church or shrine for others to worship freely in that country. Where's the outrage ~ for the fatwas in Egypt that says helping to build a church is a sin, and compares it to building a barn for cats, dogs and pigs. Where is the outrage. That non-Muslims in Egypt must see permission from the President to build a church there, and must seek special permission to repair a church a process which turns them into beggars and usually takes years.

If Islam is tolerant why do we need to constantly be told it is tolerant ~ why can't we simple see its tolerance?

The good thing to come out of this ~ is a greater awareness of the lack of freedoms in the Muslim world. While Muslims cry Islamophobia they in their own countries ~ have almost no regard for the concerns of non-Muslim. If this situation had been reversed. There could have never been a church placed next to where loads of Muslims had been killed in such a tragic way. It does speak to western tolerance ~ but we must be careful that this tolerance is not abused.

Gulf News

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