Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Saudi Arabia seeks Muslim alternative to GMT: But what would the dawn of 'Mecca Time' mean for women and human rights

On the Mecca clock ~ the Saudi's ambitiously hope will one day compete with the British GMT for marking time ~ would appear ‘In the Name of Allah' in LED lights. There will always be those who try to reach out ~ and would perhaps include Mecca Time for good measure along with GMT, but what would being under the control of Mecca mean to most? In the name of Allah all non-Muslims will be forced to negotiate the terms of their Dhimmi or second class status!! For those who pride themselves on having respect for Islam ~ can do it with sensitivity!! The idea of human rights would be haggled over by Saudi clerics ~ cross that one off ~ just say human rights would be abolished. Right now, it is just a fantasy the Saudis love to indulge in ~ controlling the whole world ~ turning back the clock ~ and decided to throw some money [more money] behind it and created the Mecca Towers with a clock they hope will rival London's Big Ben .. ah.. non-Muslims would not be able to see it. The towers have been built in a Muslim-only area.


If we could see though the Mecca of old ~ the Mecca of the Kaaba religion ~ where women would have had rights ~ they were Gods. The prophet Muhammad praised the Goddesses in the verse dubbed the Satanic Verse [Koran 53:19 ...a verse altered or moderated so that Muslim won't realize its full impact ]~ but these were the Goddesses of Mecca ~ the Daughters of Allah of the Kaaba ~ and widely worshipped across the region before Islam. The position of women in Islam / Kaaba religion would have changed when Muhammad challenged [prayed to] Allah to get rid of the female Deities, because he felt as a male he should have had the top spot next to Allah ~ not the female cranes [Book of Idols]. Women rights would have taken a hit after the defeminisation of the Kaaba religion. The Kaaba religion at Mecca was practised at least 700 years before Islam ~ to take control of the Kaaba ~ Muhammad would have had to attack and kill his own family ~ who controlled it. At the center of the Kaaba religion was a black stone ~ still positioned at the corner of the Kaaba building at Mecca ~ which today all Muslims face when they pray!!

The launch of the giant new clock tower in Makkah could establish the site as alternative time zone to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) for the world’s Muslims.

Saudi Arabia is hoping that the landmark project will encourage Muslims to set their watches to the time shown on the faces that sit more than 400m over the Holy Haram courtyard of Islam’s holiest site, AFP has reported.

The clock, which sits in a tower that will be the world’s second highest building on completion, has four faces of high-tech composite tiles, each more than 46 metres across. Each face is six times larger in diameter than London’s Big Ben.

It is set to enter service with a three-month trial period during the first week of Ramadan, the Saudi Press Agency has said.

Around 250 workers are completing welding work on the clock’s frame.

Around two million LED lights will light the phrase ‘In the Name of Allah” in Arabic on the clock faces, and some 21,000 flashing green and white coloured lights will be visible from as far as 30 kilometres away, to signal prayer-times.

On special occasions, 16 vertical flashlights will be sent 10 kilometres into the sky.

"Everyone is interested to see the clock, despite the lack of sufficient information about it, and its mechanism," Makkah resident Hani al-Wajeeh told AFP.

"We in Makkah hope to be the world's central time zone, and not just have a clock to look at, to show off," he said.


Cammie Novara said...

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Asia Market Girl said...

It would mean the end of human and womens right