Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pak religious clerics form global council to counter anti-Islam conspiracies

Anti-Islamic conspiracies? The things we can read in the news. Like the treatment of Christians Hindus and others living under Islamic-type laws in Pakistan? Like the Hindu girl who was kidnapped and her parents told she is now the 'property' of the mosque. And the police say they can't act in cases of religions 'conversion'. Or the Christian man who was beaten to death for drinking from a Muslim only cup at a roadside tea stall ~ because he did not notice the sign saying he should state his religion. Again the police took no action. When you are receiving bad press, its perhaps because you need to change your behavior.

Peshawar, Aug 31(ANI): Prominent religious clerics in Pakistan have formed 'The World United Ulema and Mashaikh Council' (WUUMC) to counter anti-Islam conspiracies and tackle them at national and international forums.

WUUMC Chairman Maulana Shoaib and Secretary General Mahmoodul Hassan said that other regious scholars from India, Afghanistan and Iran are expected to join the council soon.

According to The Daily Times, the council would work to promote peace and discourage sectarianism in the region.

The council would also take concrete steps to resolve differences amongst religious leaders of different sects.

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