Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kenyans Vote Yes for New Constitution, Improved Rights, Except for Muslims

The new Kenyan Constitution represents an overall an improvement in the way any African country is governed. It limits presidential powers and improves accountability ~ at a time when almost the whole of Africa is plagued by leaders, who can't distinguish between the public purse and their own. Though it gives more rights to the individual, it falls short for Kenya's Muslim minority. According to the new constitution, when these human rights come into conflict with Shari'a law ~ Kenya's new constitutionally backed Shari'a courts will be allowed to ignore them. What of course would be a concern is whether Muslims will be forced to use these courts, such as in Malaysia. Probably not. But you can see where Muslim leaders will want to take this in the future. Having less rights is no good unless it can be enforced.

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