Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Introducing Snazzy Napper! The eye mask with a long, sunblocking drape [Video]

They forgot to say ~ 'And there's more!!'

Meet your new favourite piece of clothing. Screw Threadless, forget about Snorg Tees, what you need is something really different. Something that doesn't let the light in your eyes while you're sleeping and makes you look totally deranged!

And yep, we know what you're thinking, if you want to block the light out, why not use a simple eyemask? Well, does an eyemask make you look like a very sleepy blind ghost that's obsessed with the letter Z? No, it most certainly does not.

Handily, it provides a small slit for your nose for you to breathe through and comes with the totally unintentionally hilarious infomercial you'd expect, explaining the ludicrous doohickey in full, which, of course, you can check out below.

But it's not the first mad piece of clothing that's given us the heebie-jeebies, as our little collection below proves. Want one of your own, you crazy fool? Well head this way, and prepare to get used to sleeping to the sound of muffled laughter.

The 'Snazzy Napper' -- the eye mask with a long, sunblocking drape.

What it's designed to do: prevent the sun from stopping you sleeping, and as well as giving you something to snuggle with.

What it actually makes you look like: you've put a burqa on backwards; you've stolen someone's curtains and are now about to rob a bank; someone's carried out an elaborate prank on you; you're a Death Eater from Harry potter; your head is a ghost but your body is not; an alien is attacking your brain.


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