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Half of Republican voters believe President Barack Obama sympathises with Islamic fundamentalists and wishes to impose Islamic law on the west

I don't think there is any truth in Obama wishing to impose Islamic law on the United States. But what happened in Europe as a result of politicians hobnobbing with Islamic leaders ~ there was wide spread feeling that European countries were going to end up with Shari'a law. The whole respect for Islam over all other sentiment is typical of how Islamic countries are run. Rights and laws are centered around the right to be Muslim. And all else is secondary. There is no pride in being a Christian in the Islamic world. You would be perfectly well aware that Muslims are of a higher status. Obama's problem like so many others who rush to the protection of Islam ~ is that these issues of rights and freedoms under Islamic rule aren't being addressed. So that the individual who protects Islam then becomes connected to these things ~ to these injustices. Islamic law calls for the subjugation of all non-Muslim. That is a big issue. Besides the fact that their religious restrictions have crushed development and natural ingenuity in the region [for 1000 years] ~ makes Obama efforts to attach NASA to Islam deeply flawed. Space is about exploration [not found in the Koran]. The concern should not be with which way is Mecca while in space ~ so Muslims can be assured their prayers can be heard.

Obama needs to separate himself from this faith. The cosy image he wishes to present is not reflected in its reality. Instead of talking about Islamophobia ~ he should use his platform to tell the Saudis to build a church in their land. Even more so since they will likely be the ones funding their GZ 9/11 mosque.
Freedom ~ freedom to tell the Muslim world to wake up!

The problem is that it is not only the radicals who want to impose Islamic law ~ it is the moderates too. And more troubling is that they believe they can use their access to government leaders to achieve it. Obama namely has chosen people in his administration because they are Muslim ~ some of whom support Shari'a law. Whatever happened to the content of their character. He should learn from Europe. We win ~ Shari'a promoters lose.

The majority of Republican voters in the U.S. believe their President sympathises with Islamic fundamentalists.

A poll revealed that 52 per cent said Barack Obama sided with fanatical Muslims who wanted to impose Sharia law around the world.

In addition, 59 per cent also said that Mr Obama favoured the interests of Muslims over other groups of Americans. The startling survey show the extent of feeling against Mr Obama and suspicion towards Islam amongst many in the U.S.

It comes against a backdrop of protests over the mosque at New York’s Ground Zero and fears of an explosion in Islamophobic attacks across the country.

Only last week a Muslim taxi driver was repeatedly stabbed by a passenger who first asked about his religion.

The poll for Newsweek found that 14 per cent of Republicans, nearly one in six, said it was ‘definitely true’ that Mr Obama sympathised with fundamentalists and wanted to impose Islamic law across the planet.

An additional 38 per cent said that it was probably true, bringing the total to 52 per cent. Just seven per cent said it was definitely not true and eight per cent were not sure.

Mr Obama is in fact a Christian and has become exasperated over suggestions to the contrary. Pictures of him wearing tradition Muslim clothes have been used as ‘proof’ that he is a Muslim and questions that was not born in the USA persist. He was actually born in Hawaii, a U.S. state.

His predicament was not helped when he came out in support of the Ground Zero mosque in the face of strong public opinion to the opposite and latest polls show that seven in ten of all voters want it moved.

The nationwide poll of 1,029 adults was carried out on August 27 and 28 by telephone by Princeton Survey Research Associates International for Newsweek.

There were 314 Republicans, 334 Democrats and 310 Independents. Elsewhere tensions appear to be boiling over in what those behind the Ground Zero mosque claim is on a par with anti-Semitic attacks on Jewish people.

In Tennessee the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro was set on fire on Saturday in a suspected arson attack during which gunshots were fired. Nearby mosques have hired security guards, installed surveillance cameras and requested the presence of federal agents at prayer services.

Other protests have taken place in California and Christian preachers in Gainesville,

Florida are planning to carry out a mass burning of copies of the Koran.

In New York 21-year-old film student Michael Enright, who had recently been embedded with US Marines, reached through a taxi’s partition and allegedly slashed driver Ahmed Sharif’s throat, face and arms.

He had previously asked if the cabbie was a Muslim then in a soldier-like voice told him: ‘This is the checkpoint. I have to bring you down’.

The Newsweek poll found that just 34 per cent of Republicans found that Mr Obama had been ‘even handed’ in his approach to dealing with Muslims, compared to other groups.

The figures among Democrats, though, were very different. Just nine per cent said the President favoured Muslims over others and 82 per cent said he had been even handed.

Some 16 per cent of all those questioned they had a favourable view of Muslims and 45 per cent said they had a ‘mostly favourable’ view, the highest and second highest totals recorded respectively for those questions.

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