Thursday, August 26, 2010

British Islam: When First Cousins Marry [Video]

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First cousin marriages, though legal in Britain, are a taboo - commonly seen as incest.

Food for thought:
"The practice is most common in Britain's Pakistani community, in which more than 50% of people marry their first cousin, and in Bradford 75% of ethnic Pakistanis follow the tradition."

... but the real Xenophobics are of course the freedomloving patriots, right?

To complain it ~ is seen as an attack on Islam as it is a Muslim tradition. Truth is most of these babies ~ if they were in the Islamic world would die. One child had to have a liver transplant ~ naturally all on the state. But of course they want to put it in the context of the Koran and whether or not cousin marriages are allowed under Shari'a ~ and are reluctant to take advice.


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khin said...

Charles Darwin married a cousin and had ten children. Some of those babies actually survived. Some of them became members of the Royal Society.