Friday, August 20, 2010

After Fort Hood shooting, Pentagon vows to focus on 'insider threat'

US Major Nidal Hasan ~ wheelchair bound ~ awaiting trial.

Undue respect for Islam. Fear of causing offense. Over and above all rationale. Cost lives...

Gates added that the department would "make every effort to safeguard civil liberties" even as it tries to defend against new threats.

Civil liberties ~ are for the living!

WASHINGTON (AFP)— The Pentagon on Friday vowed to take concrete action to thwart potential "insider threats" to avoid a repeat of the Fort Hood shooting spree blamed on an army officer.

Military and intelligence officials have come under criticism for possibly missing an array of warning signs about the suspected gunman in the November 2009 attack, Major Nidal Hasan.

In response to an earlier independent review of the rampage, the Pentagon issued a report outlining measures designed to detect dangerous signs from within the military's ranks.

The steps include improving information sharing among government agencies on possible threats, ensuring commanders have access to key information in personnel records and training commanders to spot potentially volatile behavior among troops, the report said.

"These initiatives will significantly improve the Department's ability to mitigate internal threats, ensure force protection, enable emergency response, and provide care for victims and families," Defense Secretary Robert Gates wrote in an introduction to the report.

Gates added that the department would "make every effort to safeguard civil liberties" even as it tries to defend against new threats.

Hasan, an army psychiatrist, has been charged with the murder of 13 people in the November 5 attack at the Fort Hood military base in Texas, in which 42 people were also wounded.

Hasan is being investigated for links to Islamic extremism, including his contacts with a radical cleric now in Yemen who blessed the killing spree.

The earlier independent inquiry into the shooting said several army officers failed to properly supervise the suspected gunman and should be held accountable.

A US Army spokesman told AFP on Friday it remained unclear if those officers would be disciplined for their role.

In light of the Fort Hood shooting, the report said the Pentagon would improve and expand emergency response services and warning systems at military bases.

The Defense Department also planned to carry out three scientific studies to "deepen our understanding of internal threats" and help detect "behavioral indicators of violence and radicalization," the report said.

To evaluate the potential for violence among soldiers before or after deployment, mental health assessments of troops would also include new questions on a soldier's work, finances and personal life, it said.

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trencherbone said...

The Muslims' only loyalty is to the Ummah - the global 'brotherhood' of believers. Muslim theology describes the West as Dar al-Harb - the domain of war, consequently they regard their host countries as ripe for plunder, predation, extortion, parasitism and eventual subversion and takeover.

Islam can add nothing to Western societies apart from trouble.

Muslims in America will have to choose between loyalty to their country and loyalty to Islam. The two are irreconcilable - Islam is implacable and allows of no compromise on this matter.