Wednesday, August 18, 2010

9/11 Mosque Imam: Wonders Why Opposition So Hostile, When America's Children and Grandchildren Will All Be Muslim Anyway!! [Video]

The arrogance was there all along. He wrote a book with the Arabic title [very different from the 'moderate' English title] ~ From the WTC Rubble: Islanic Dawa [or Teachings].

The Cordoba was a name given to a mosque in old Spain built on top of a destroyed Catholic Cathedral, at a time when Muslims ruled and non-Muslims lived as subjugated citizens ~ required to pay the Islamic jizya tax or else.

Follow the money trail...

All the Arabs have to do is to put money in a local's hands and then it can be claimed the money comes from local sources. This when they continue to check you for Bibles when entering their country!!

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G said...

Re the proposed mosque near Ground Zero: Perhaps, as a test of Islamic tolerance and peace, a Christian group should start a parallel project to build a large Christian church in Saudi Arabia. Then, through a Saudi Church Project website, they could provide us with fascinating public updates as they attempt to get permission and start building.