Wednesday, August 4, 2010

2 Koreans detained in Libya for proselytization ~ under not-so-tolerant Islamic laws

This whole reaching out to Muslims ~ is a dishonest effort if it doesn't address the repressive measures used against non-Muslims ~ as to stamp out all religious rights outside of Islam in the Muslim world. This while Gaddafi pronounces Europe will be Muslim in less than a century.

It is double standards and we should not let them get away with it.

New [dictator?] kid on the Libyan block ~ Gaddafi's son.

Two Koreans are detained in Libya for proselytization, which is illegal in the Islam country, the local JoongAng Ilbo newspaper said on Saturday, citing a diplomatic source.

One of them, a Christian missionary, identified as Koh, has been detained since about a month ago, while another, identified as Joo, was arrested last week, it said.

The diplomatic source said Koh was a well-known figure in the Korean community in Tripoli, the nation’s capital.

Joo, a businessman who owns a farm there, has been known to finance Koh’s missionary work, it said.

The news didn’t elaborate on whether and when the two will be subject to judicial hearing for their reported violation of the local law.

Two South Koreans have been detained in Libya, according to a diplomatic source Saturday.

A pastor who was only identified by his surname Goh was arrested about a month ago by the Libyan authorities in violation of religious laws.

Another South Korean also identified by just his family name Joo was being held since about a week ago, the source said.

Goh reportedly went to the northern African country eight years ago as a student. According to the source, Joo is a businessman who sponsored Goh’s missionary work.

Officials from the South Korean embassy in Libya have tried in vain to gain access to the two Koreans but the Libyan authorities have refused.

Meanwhile, the office of the Libyan trade representative shut down in late June.

A government official said the office decided to close for internal reasons.

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