Monday, July 19, 2010

Syria bans burqas in universities


It seems that with the restrictions in Egypt and now in Syria Muslims are also bothered by the all covering gloomy garments! Perhaps Western governments could be encouraged by this ~ and either ban or restrict the clothing.

The garments are insane!! Extreme male chauvinism ~ do they need their women dressed like Darth Vadar ~ to feel secure??

Damascus, Jul 19: On requests for a burqa ban from a large number of university students and their families, Syria has issued a directive restricting women from wearing full-face veils while attending public and private universities.

The directive came from the country's Minister of Higher Education, Ghaith Barakat, reported state-run news agency Sana on Sunday, Jul 18.

"The full-face veil, or niqab, that is worn by some Muslim women is "inconsistent with the values and ethics of academic traditions," the minister is quoted as saying.

The ban does not apply to women who only wear headscarves.

This comes amid reports of several countries mulling implementation of a burqa ban, latest being France.

The ban on the Islamic dress code prescribed for women has sparked off bitterness in the global Muslim community.

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