Monday, July 12, 2010

Radical Islam's Target? Kampala To Kyrgystan

Tim Marshall

Those who follow the pattern of the Islamist bombing campaign know that to label it 'anti Western' is to misinform. This misinformed narrative argues that because of various historical injustices perpetrated by 'The West' , radical Islam has begun to hit back, and if only 'we' stopped meddling in the affairs of Muslim countries the violence would stop.

Sunday night's bombings in Uganda give lie to that narrative, as do numerous examples over the last decade. Yes, anti- western sentiment is ever present in the bombing campaign, but the aims of the jihadists are more than that, and, without that context, Islamism cannot be seen for what is; A global revolutionary movement with fascistic tendencies However, the narrative appears stuck in the tram lines and even mass murders such those in Kampala cannot jolt it onto a more wide ranging analysis.

The Ugandan police chief believes the Kampala bombings to be the work of Al-Shabab, an ultra radical Islamist group based in Somalia. If the gang is responsible then the targeting of black Africans makes sense. The victims were mostly Ugandan, and the location of one attack was an Ethiopian themed bar. Uganda has troops in in Somalia as part of the African Union force trying to stabilise the country, and Ethiopian soldiers ousted Al-Shabab from Mogadishu four years ago. Both countries are majority Christian, but can hardly be described as 'Western'. There is a connection to the West insofar as the African Union helps to prop up a government which is supported by the USA and others, but that doesn't explain why Al-Shabab calls Uganda 'An infidel country'.

Al- Shabab has strong links to Al Queda and some of its gang members were trained in AQ camps in Afghanistan. The group has carried out punishment including the stoning of women accused of adultery, and recently said anyone watching the World Cup should be targeted as football was un Islamic. Most Muslims around the world think these beliefs are crazy, but the Islamists continue to believe they speak for all of Islam.

The mass murder in Kampala fits into the the mass murder on a global scale against anyone deemed to be the way of the long term aim of many of the Islamists - to establish a world wide caliphate under Sharia law. The list of people in the way is long as it encompasses almost everyone.Bin Laden's 'Declaration Of War' in 1998 gives us clues as to this thinking.

During one of the attacks on a compound for foreigners in Saudi Arabis, radio intercepts of the attackers picked up voices talking about killing' Christian, Jewish and Hindu dogs' But Islamists don't stop there, they also are happy to attack, Sikhs, Bahais, Buddhists, etc, ad infinitum.

Japanese and South Korean people have been killed in Afghanistan simply because they were there. The Taliban version of Islam was shown to the world when they blew up the ancient Buddhist statues in Bamiyan. Pakistani and Indonesian Christians are targeted for being Christian.

But most victims of Islamist terror are Muslims. From Iraq, to Afghanistan, Algeria Yemen Tunisnia, Jordan, Sudan and beyond, the majority of people murdered are Muslim, killed by people who regard them as apostates deserving of death, or as justified 'collateral damage' - dying for a wider cause.

There's little doubt that the West's colonial history has contributed to the fault lines, grievances and some dynamics of today's conflict,, and no doubt the invasion of Iraq blew the lid off the doctrinal differences between people there, but to look only at the western aspect of a global problem is to be so blinkered as to misinform.

74 people butchered in Kampala is not a response to the West, it is part of a a phenomena which kills anyone who gets in the way regardless of race, nationality, colour or creed.

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