Monday, July 5, 2010

Pakistan: Top Taliban commander 'killed'

Pakistan Taliban have been blamed for some of the deadliest bomb attacks in the country.

Islamabad, 5 July (AKI/DAWN) - Top Pakistani Taliban commander Ameerullah Mehsud has been killed in a shootout with soldiers in the militant bastion of North Waziristan near the Afghan border. He had a 234,000-dollar bounty on his head, the Pakistani army said on Monday.

Mehsud was shot dead at a security checkpoint in Miramshah, the main town of North Waziristan tribal area, which borders Afghanistan, the army said. It did not state when Mehsud had been killed.

The Pakistani Taliban has been blamed for some of the deadliest bomb attacks of a three-year terror campaign that has killed more than 3,400 people.

Pakistani military commanders have felt under increasing US pressure to launch a decisive campaign against Taliban and Al-Qaeda strongholds in the northwest tribal belt.

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