Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pakistan: Government will promote religious harmony: Gilani, but no talk of giving non-Muslims equal rights

Only fine talk about how Islam is the greatest most 'peaceful' and 'loving' religion on earth ~ just that this Islam doctrine calls for non-Muslims to be subjugated and kept as second class citizens. Not so loving, not so peaceful, when they don't have the same recourse under the law!!


Some in the west will want to believe the Pakistani PM ~ but that requires putting much of the reality of Islam to one side! The very same things that are happening to Pakistani Christians ~ pastor above, gunned down, along with his brother, when laving court on trumped up blasphemy charge, even though the police knew there were threats against them ~ can be seen in almost a mirror image in Egypt, where the state is reluctant to intervene when Christians and other non-Muslim groups are attacked, kidnapped, what have you.

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani had said on Tuesday that the government is taking steps to promote tolerance and religious harmony in order to eliminate extremism and sectarianism from the society.

Speaking at the launch ceremony of Zahid Malik’s book Mazameen-e-Quran, the prime minister said the government is taking stepswhich will make Pakistan the centre of Islam.

He also said that the so-called western think tanks are labeling terrorism with the world’s greatest and peace loving religion “Islam”, which is an absolute lie.

The prime minister also said that the government will continue to promote inter-faith harmony.

Federal Minister of Religious Affairs, Hamid Saeed Kazmi and author Zahid Malik also addressed the audience. – DawnNews

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