Monday, July 26, 2010

Muslim students 'barred from bus' over 'threatening' veils

Muslim Council of Britain said it was "deeply concerned" by the incident.

But not so concerned when Muslim drivers order, blind with seeing eye dogs off the bus, because dogs offend Islam.

There should be some laws set around the burqa and the sensitivities of the people of Europe. The politicians who wish to allow these clothing have 24hr. police protection. The chances of them coming upon a women in a burqa ~ is highly unlikely.

There needs to be some laws defining what is acceptable, and the decision can't be made by the few.

The women, both 22, allege that they were ordered off the Metroline bus from Russell Square to Paddington, London, because of their clothing.

One was wearing a hijab and the other was dressed in a niqab – both of which cover the face.

The students, both from Slough, Berks – whose identities have not been revealed – have complained to the bus company. The firm said it has launched an "urgent" investigation.

One of the women said at first she boarded the bus by mistake when it was not in service to ask where it was going, but was told by the driver to get off.

She said: "About 10 minutes later the passengers started getting on.

"When I went forward to show my ticket he said, 'Get off the bus'. I presumed he was still angry because I got on the bus before.

"He said, 'I am not going to take you on the bus because you two are a threat.'

"I realised it wasn't due to me getting on the bus, this may be a racist attack."

The Muslim Council of Britain said it was "deeply concerned" by the incident.


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