Friday, July 23, 2010

Mosque Plan for Staten Island Suffers Setback

Muslim America Society [MAS] is one of the US's Muslim Brotherhood arms.

The trustees of Saint Margaret Mary parish on Staten Island have voted against the controversial sale of a convent to the Muslim American Society.

Father Keith Fennessy, pastor of the Midland Beach church, had agreed to the deal but after intense community opposition he stepped down as head of the church and later withdrew his support of the sale.

The trustees voted on Wednesday, according to a statement released by the Archdiocese of New York Thursday.

"The Archdiocese of New York has enjoyed a good relationship with the Islamic community in the past, and looks forward to continued dialogue, friendship, and understanding in the future," the statement said.

Before reversing course, Mr. Fennessy had said he stepped down partially because of the local uproar over the convent's anticipated sale, saying the opposition was not "totally rational."

A local representative of the Muslim American Society—a nonprofit that runs three existing Islamic centers in the New York City area—could not immediately be reached for comment. Mahdi Bray, executive director of the Virginia-based group, said he was disappointed to hear the news, attributing it to anti-Islamic sentiments fueled by people outside of the community.

"We will still continue to try to meet the needs of the community," said Mr. Bray. "They need a mosque on Staten Island and we're determined to have one."

The archdiocese would not disclose whether the vote was unanimous or split. In addition to Mr. Fennessy, the board includes Archbishop Timothy Dolan, Bishop Dennis J. Sullivan and the vicars general of the archdiocese, as well as two lay members of the parish, listed on the church's website as Kerri Owens and Jack Sigona.

News of the anticipated sale of the convent surfaced in May, prompting widespread condemnation in the surrounding neighborhood and community. Residents complained of traffic but also raised questions about the group and its connections to the Muslim Brotherhood, a global network that promotes political Islam.

A community meeting between the two sides last month dissolved into a shouting match and ended abruptly.



Anonymous said...

What nobody bothered to notice that this muslim "community" was created literally in less than 2 years! First there was one nice couple, then in a year there are like 40muslims living there with halal shops opening everywhere and arabic on the signs.
This is not a community, its a delibirate invasion and the claim of being in community rings hollow by the speed this community was formed. It takes many years for a community to form, get along with neighbors and then open a place for worship (without actually converting the main community's religious places into your own)

Why none of the newspaper ever caught or mention out loud the islamic pattern of using and converting other religions sacred places and famous places of original inhabitants into their own musques. I haven't heard any news about long-standing muslim community buying a unused land and actually building their temples from scratch? All of their chosen places to be converted to musques are - next to WTC, former Catholic nun house, former jewish synagogue/jewish community center, etc. They are not interested in buildng their own places - all they are interested in invading one way or another and converting and conquering in the name of Islam, and then claiming its their ancestoral right or citizens right! (ie. remember that furor in Israel when its gov't decided to restore an old synagogue? Muslims screamed and railed its their ancestoral musque and etc. This was synagogue for thousands of years up to 1949 when east Jerusalem was held by arabs, and where they converted all synagogues and churches into their masques and the world didn't scream bloody murder then! So their ancestoral masque is less than 60 yrs old!)

Cole said...

What is happening in the US is likely the same thing that is happening in Europe ~ the main way they build their numbers is through marriage immigration ~ from the old Muslim country.

So just a few people are allowed in ~ then they purposely marry abroad or seek to marry each of their child abroad ~ and this goes on for generations it does not stop.

It is interesting ~ about the taking over other people's places of worship.

It is an invasion ~ in that when these Muslim immigrate ~ the majority reject the society the move to ~ preferring an Islamic one!!