Tuesday, July 27, 2010

ISLAM NASA ~ The Final Frontier :: Time for the Prime Directive? [Video]

One Giant Leap for Mohammed‎!

Still can't get over this!!

If you are in space ~ where is Mecca ~ if you don't face Mecca you are not going to be able to pray properly. Your prayers won't be heard if you don't face the sacred stone.

More than this, rather than feeding Muslims fantasies, Muslims need to begin to deal with the fact that that their religious restrictions, crushed all hope of any scientific advancement coming out of their regions, and those religious restrictions are alive and well today. Once Muslims conquered advanced nations, like the old Persian Empire, which was some 5,000 years old, would have had scientists there ~ who then became Islamic scientists, and whose discoveries [what they were allowed to examine] become Islamic achievements. Just one look at Iran or Egypt now, and it is clear what Islam has planned for the west and all that its achieved.

It is clear what Muslims want ~ they want another bigger better mosque!

It is really time to use the Prime Directive ~ taken directly from Star Trek ~ which states that undeveloped societies should be left alone. We can make contact ~ but we don't try to give them all our science. They must be allowed to develop at their own pace.

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