Monday, July 5, 2010

India: Muslim extremists chop off Catholic professor’s hand for examination question on Islam

Exacting Islamic law!

Suspected Islamic militants have chopped off a Catholic professor’s hand in Kerala for allegedly insulting Islam in an exam question paper.

Professor T.J. Joseph was attacked on July 4 in while returning home from Sunday mass with his mother and sister, a Catholic nun.

Kochi inspector-general of police, B. Sandya, told that an Islamic extremist group is suspected of the crime and have arrested four people and impounded a vehicle.

She said the attackers used the vehicle to block Joseph’s car before dragging the professor from his vehicle and chopping off his right hand. The attackers then threw the hand away before fleeing.

Church-managed Newman College in Thodupuzha had suspended Joseph, its Malayalam professor, on March 25 for allegedly preparing a question paper with insulting references to the Prophet Muhammad.

St. Joseph Sister Mary Stella said the assailants attacked her brother with an axe and swords.

“They also attacked our elderly mother,” before fleeing, she said.

Her brother had been threatened three times following the question paper row, she added.

Police say officials suspect the Popular Front of India, an extremist group and its political wing the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) for being behind the attack.

Thodupuzha, the commercial center of Idukki district, saw angry protests by various Muslim organizations in March when the question paper outcry first broke and several people were injured in clashes with police.

Joseph was arrested and granted bail in April.

Several political parties including the pro-Hindu Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) condemned the attack.

State Education Minister M. A. Baby from the communist-led government said the attack was an attempt to polarize society along sectarian lines.

The Kerala Catholic Bishops’ Council also condemned the attack.

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Anonymous said...

Kerala was a haven for inter-faith amity and religious tolerance for nearly 2000 years! The recent influx of funds from the Middle East to "wahabize" Kerala's Islam by funding madrasahs and building of mosques even in villages and townships with tiny muslim population, inter-faith violence has increased which even the Communist-led coalition government of Kerala finds it difficult to curb because of its interest in counting on Muslim votes! India's secular Constitution is impotent to act against the venomous hatred that is spawned by Islamic fundamentalists as well as fundamentalist Christian evangelicals and the Hindu reactionaries who all want to spread their fundamentalist versions of their respective faiths. Indian Parliament should have the guts to enact one set of laws to govern all its citizens rather than allow Muslims and Hindus to settle their civil affairs using Shariah and Hindu Code if they so choose. Otherwise, India is nothing but a sham, secular nation. It must come down equally on all religious organizations that use foreign funds to spread their respective virulent forms of Islam, Christianity, Hinduism etc. The NRIs living overseas also contribute funds to foment the spread of extreme forms of their respective faiths. All these must be banned by the Indian government.

philomena25 said...

How is this priest!? Did he die due to these injuries!!?? How horrible this is!!

Dalbir singh panwar said...

U Love Violence

Islam means peace

XAymeNX said...

fake !