Thursday, July 15, 2010

Did the Dearborn Michigan Mayor and police act unconstitutionally, when they stopped Christians handing out leaflets of the Gospel at an Arab/Muslim festival [Video]

Was the Mayor of Dearborn trying to uphold Shari'a law on behalf of Muslims ~ a direct violation of the US Constitution?

Background: Dearborn Arab festival

The minute they handed the Muslim girls in black leaflets ~ of the Gospel of John in Arabic and English they were reported and within minutes surrounded by police ~ out to enforce Shari'a law in America.


Anonymous said...

Yes the mayor and the police of Dearborn acted unconstitutionally! This is clearly a case where these people's fundmental rights of freedom of speech, freedom of press and freedom of religion was violated. I am stunned and sadden at this act of slavery which is in total opposition of the Bill of Rights also. How is it that they are allowed to take away our freedoms but they are still free to express themselves by wrongful imprisonment?

czopka said...

as i watched your video i thought smiling "how cute look at the little nazis"the first line of offence for the one world order cops its amazing the illumination the holy spirit gives you as a christian i am compelled not to be complacent in actions concerning islam science of satan good job boys im in support of the burning of korans sep.11 in gainsville florida what are your thoughts on this?"mayday"o'rielly must have some kind of ve$ted intere$t association here

Shad Muhammad said...

If you have so much problem with Islam, why are you unable to stop your own literate people from embracing it?