Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Turkish State Minister said Europe considered its own culture as "superior" and "all" other cultures as "enemy", should "get to know Islam better"

What should we know about Islam ~ that it doesn't respect equal rights! That Muslim men are granted the most rights in any Islamic society and a third of this is awarded to women, then comes the lower non-Muslims who are awarded less rights then them all!

Even today the Turkish PM is considering re-introducing the Islamic jizya tax, citing that when Christians and other non-Muslims paid it under the Ottoman Empire they lived peaceably alongside Muslims. The jizya tax is a protection tax, which the Koran instructs Muslims to collect, after non-Muslims are fought against, they should pay it with willing submission. And it was collected all over the Islamic world up until the time of Western colonization. Today the tax is only collected in the tribal areas of Pakistan that are under Taliban control. Be clear it is a protection tax, and for the Hindus and Sihks who were unable to pay in those areas, they were attacked. I could image that if the tax was introduced in Turkey it might result in Christians being arrested for non-payment.

For Europe this is not the way forward. Complain all they want.

Over the years turkey has had the practise of confiscating Christian property, at the moment they are trying to take the land from a monastery that was first built there a few hundred years before Islam. And if I am not mistaken I don't think they recognize the Catholic church there. The Orthodox church there is also complaining about foul treatment, stemming from the Turkish government.

Turkish State Minister Mehmet Aydin on Tuesday said Europe considered its own culture as "superior" and all other cultures as "enemy".

"The Europeans should quit seeing themselves the higher culture and get to know the Islam better," Aydin told a "High-level Conference on Tolerance and Non-discrimination" of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) in Astana, Kazakhstan.

Aydin said the Western world was under heavy influence of islamophobia, which he said needed urgent counter-action.

"European politicians used islamophobia as a political chip at times of elections to get more votes. Unless urgent action is taken today, the world would have to tackle tomorrow a difficult and enduring problem just like antisemitism," Aydin said.

Aydin said the Alliance of Civilizations, which is pioneered by Turkey, was an important project to reduce differences of culture and languages, adding that Turkey took major steps for democracy, human rights and freedoms to take hold in its own country and the region.
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gsw said...

Turkish State Minister Mehmet Aydin on Tuesday said Europe considered its own culture as "superior" and all other cultures as "enemy".

I also consider it daytime when the sun rises and night after it sets. This is what is known as a fact.