Monday, June 28, 2010

Police in Dearborn Michigan ~ Just doing their job! Arrest Christians for handing out Arabic-English version of Bible literature [Video]

I thought everyone was welcomed at the Middle East Arab festival. But when Christians, some of them former Muslims begin to hand out Arab-English version of the Book of John, they are quickly surrounded by police and arrested. Question is what would have happened if they had been handing out pro-Palestinian anti-Western/Israeli literature ~ would they have been reported to the police.

Last year at the same Arab festival ~ these kinds of literature were on display ~ no complaints from the Muslim community!!

I was just doing my job ~ in Islamic countries there are a lot of morality/religious police just doing their job ~ which includes suppressing and tightly controlling any and all non-Muslim activity ~ why because Muslims are easily offended and they find the presence of other religious groups and beliefs almost intolerable. Their police are there in part to make sure they are not offended by this!

Why wouldn't they expect the same in America!

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