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Egypt runaway bride,17yrs, Amy Robson returns to England after cafe owner husband seeks second wife - 3 years later!!

Lovestruck: Amy Robson pictured in Hurghada searching for Noby in 2007
Couldn't hack the real Islam ~ ran back home to mama!! Anyway it seems no harm was done!!

Curious as to who the second wife was ~ probably a relative ~ where the marriage was planned a long time ago.

She was 17 when she defied her parents and ran away from home to marry an Egyptian internet cafe owner.

Scouring the Red Sea resort of Hurghada for a man she had known for a matter of days, lovestruck Amy Robson declared: 'I'm desperate to find him. I love him, I miss him and I need him.

'All I want is to get married, be his wife and have his children.'

How those words must haunt Miss Robson now.
For the girl who married 31-year-old Mohamed El Sayed in 2007 and moved into a cramped two-bedroom flat with him, his parents and his younger brother is now back home near Carlisle and pursuing a divorce.

Miss Robson, now 20, returned to the UK after the man she knows as Noby began talking about marrying another woman in Egypt where it is legal to have up to four wives. Last night she said: 'Getting married was the biggest mistake of my life and I'm so glad to be home.'

Miss Robson, who is now dating a 24-year- old security guard, hit the headlines in April 2007 when she ran away to Egypt from her home in the village of Beaumont to be with a married boathand with whom she became infatuated on a family holiday the year before.

Despite emailed promises to meet her at her hotel, he left the schoolgirl high and dry.

But within 12 hours and despite the language barrier, Miss Robson had fallen in love with Noby who proposed on their second day together.

They went to stay with his parents in Cairo and intended to marry within the week, but put the wedding on hold when Miss Robson suffered appendicitis.

'Happy': In December 2007 Miss Robson married Noby in a traditional Egyptian ceremony, telling the Daily Mail: 'I am sure this is something I won't regret.'

He must have thought it his lucky day!!

Her parents James, an electrician, and Janet, a teacher, flew to Egypt to bring her home, but six months later she fled for a second time and spent two months searching for Noby.

In December 2007, having turned 18, Miss Robson married him in a traditional Egyptian ceremony, telling the Daily Mail: 'I am sure this is something I won't regret.'

Now, separated from the man she just 'had to be with', Miss Robson thinks differently and regrets missing out on being a 'normal teenager'.

'I thought we'd have a perfect life together, but I was stupid,' she told Closer magazine. 'I wish I'd never gone to Egypt, but I've got no one to blame but myself.'

She told how she was welcomed by Noby's family, but he disliked the attention his pale-skinned wife attracted when they were out. And while he wanted ten children, Miss Robson 'wasn't ready'.

She said that within months he asked how she would feel if he married someone else and she 'started to worry he didn't love me any more'. By their first wedding anniversary she said they barely saw each other.

Miss Robson, who missed simple things such as homemade shepherd's pie and McDonald's, lied to family and friends in emails home about how happy she was. But in February 2009 she confessed she wanted to come home, and two months later she did just that.

'I felt awful for the hell I'd put my family through but they were still there to support me,' she said. Her husband, she added, had begged her to return 'but it was too late'.

Egypt runaway bride Amy Robson returns to England after cafe owner husband seeks second wife | Mail Online

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