Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bosnia: An Algerian representing "a threat to security" detained

Where there is smoke there is usually fire!! Foreign Islamist mean only one thing ~ trouble!

SARAJEVO - An Algerian suspected of presenting a "security threat" to Bosnia, was arrested and placed in a detention center, said Wednesday the Ministry of Security.

The Algerian, identified only by his initials « N. G. », was arrested in Sarajevo. The service for the Bosnian foreign will decide on the action of his stay in Bosnia, the ministry said in a statement.
This arrest comes after an explosion Sunday in Bugojno (center), in a police station that killed one policeman and wounded five. Five people suspected of involvement in the attack were arrested, including two alleged masterminds of the operation.
According to local media who are interested in radical Islam militants in the country, Haris Causevic and Naser Palislamovic who are suspected of being behind the attack, are adherents of Wahhabi Islam.
During the Bosnian war (1992-1995), hundreds of Islamist fighters, including many Wahhabis, had joined Bosnian forces.

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