Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saudi convert to Christianity, who was arrested and beaten unconscious, given refugee status in New Zealand

Perhaps he can offer some idea of how many secret Christians are in Saudi Arabia. Indeed even converts to other religions.

A Saudi Arabian man sentenced to death for abandoning Islam has been granted refugee status in New Zealand.

The man's father, a senior official in a state organisation that monitors the observance of Islam, found Jehovah's Witnesses brochures in his home and ordered his arrest and prosecution.

The Refugee Appeals Authority heard he was beaten unconscious, and tortured in custody for three months.

His father seized his assets, but he managed to flee Saudi Arabia last year before the court's verdict was announced.

The man now lives in Hawke's Bay and attends a Jehovah's Witness church there twice a week, while his wife and children remain in Saudi Arabia.

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Zeitgeist said...

Unfortunately he's little better off with joining Jehovah's Witnesses. A sect, calling itself "christian", that believes Christ choose them in 1919 out of all of christendom, and considers all churches and believers outside there worldwide cult as in the realm of Satan. By the time he gets his second awaking, he'll loose all he thought he had all over again... Wish him good luck though.