Monday, April 26, 2010

German court orders child bride, sold for 15,000 EUR, returned to her parents

Now 15 and 8 months pregnant!!

The Kurdish child bride that was sold in Berlin to the family of the “husband” (PI reported) has been returned by family court to her parents. Wow! If that doesn’t unleash any diplomatic entanglements! How can a German court dare to set itself over Kurdish traditions? The “husband” showed out in the courtroom. How dare the judges take away his property from him? After all, he had paid dearly for her! And whom could he now beat up?

(Photo: Murat, the raging “husband”)

BILD reports:

At 14, the Berlin schoolgirl Özlem* was sold under Kurdish-Islamic law for a marriage to the Murat* family – for 15,500 Euros.

Now, a year later, the sold bride is returning to her parents. And the family of her “husband” has brought a case before family court.
Özken left her “husband” a week ago: “He beat me with a belt while his family only look on.” Murat told the story in a completely different way: “In the beginning even, her father wanted us to give him 70,000 Euros for her – or I would have to break contact with her. Meanwhile, I think he wants to sell her again!”

When the judge decided yesterday that the purchased bride may remain with her parents, Murat went ballistic. He threatened the opposing family; his father Ahmed shouted: “I paid for her; I want my money back!”

Court officials led the men out of the room. Özlem rode with her parents and under police protection back home.

Apparently Murat and his family were not punished. There is no desire to overburden intercultural relations. And how does the pregnant “bride” stand when the police cruisers return home?

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