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French polygamous butcher, said to have beaten his wives and locked away children, forcing them to learn the Koran, is now being sued by Muslim group for saying mistresses allowed in Islam

In this  Friday, April 23, 2010 picture Lies Hebbadj, left, and his wife who refused to be identified, speak to reporters in Nantes, western France. She was fined for driving a car with a veil covering all but her eyes. Now, her husband is suspected of polygamy. The situation appears to be a boon to President Nicolas Sarkozy, who is trying to rush through controversial legislation forbidding burqa-style Islamic veils that cover the face on the grounds they don't respect French values or women's dignity.
Should have paid the small burqa driving fine, it would have been about the same as he could get for a side of lamb, in his butchers.

His aim was to challenge the French system ~ but because of people power the system will challenge him. He also likes to visit Pakistan, and has appeared on the terror suspect radar after a visit to London ~ all while keeping several women, each collecting money from the state as single mothers to his 12 children.

There are also some serious charges of abuse that have arisen. Abuse and beatings of the pregnant women. He is now suing one of the ex-wives/mistresses for defamation for speaking out on her blog! Some of the women are reported to have converted to Islam.


The days pass and the portrait of Lies Hebbadj has emerged. Powered by the spotlight after his wife, verbalized while driving wearing a niqab, has publicized his case, Lies Hebbadj, Nantes trader of 34 years, seems overwhelmed by the tidal wave that swept over him. According to his neighbors, he would live within three shuttered houses it occupies Rezé, near Nantes, with the women it describes as its " master ".

Since last Sunday, when we met in Nantes with people of the Muslim community, rumors of marital violence had been received. " He beat one of his ex-wife, burned her, she was sleeping on the floor and had even threatened to kill her," told us essentially a man who had worked alongside Hebbadj.

Tuesday, those rumors have also been reported by the Interior Minister, Brice Hortefeux, during a closed meeting with members of the UMP group.
" The minister explained that the father of the woman in niqab had contacted police Monday. The last time he spoke to his daughter by phone, there are two months of that, she was crying and said she had been beaten. And when he asked to speak to his grandchildren, his daughter said they could not pass it [come to the phone] because they were locked in a room next to their father (Lies Hebbadj), in the process of learning verses from the Koran," we told the MP Jacques Myard.
A leak of information cleverly organized by the Minister of Interior? "We smiled and said he would not disclose this information publicly. Other deputies have been instructed to do , "jokes the UMP deputy Lionnel Luca, reached by telephone. France Soir

Conditional Charges

Violent follower of a radical branch of Islam, polygamous fraudster to welfare, as many epithets attributed in the media Hebbadj Lies, but for now this is conditional, as the inquiry opened on Tuesday by the Prosecutor's Office Nantes is not closed, as was pointed out by Boëzec, his lawyer on Wednesday. "I hope that the rights of my client, such as the presumption of innocence is respected. For now, no case holds in this case. We can not fall from his French citizenship because his wife's father does not see enough of his grandchildren. As to accusations by a former wife on an Internet blog, [site pic.] they are the result of a painful breakup and no longer welcome."

Except last night, the accusations of a former girlfriend of Lies Hebbadj, relayed once too often by the media, were "sickened my client" , lamented Frank Boëzec. This young woman expresses a blog of heavy criticism against the Muslim butcher. It included reports of abuse. This case had been investigated, which ended in a nolle prosequi. Lies Hebbadj decided to initiate a complaint for defamation against this young woman and those who disseminate such information. Ouest France 

In an article published Wednesday in the newspaper Le Monde, the Minister Brice Hortefeux said he was " ready to go all the way "" I will not give the advocates of political correctness, still prefer to say nothing, nothing do not think anything, to take any risk."

A funny side of the case ~ but there is and never will be a law against the defamation of Islam in France. Though it might be tempting to slap this man with anything, it would not be far off before such a law would be used against non-Muslim French citizens.

Muslim association attacks Lies Hebbadj

A Muslim association of Meaux filed a complaint against Hebbadj Lies, the husband of Nantes verbalized for driving in a full veil, who defended himself by saying that having a mistress was "not illegal in France, nor in Islam ". "We were shocked that this man say that in Islam you can have mistresses, it is completely wrong. If we listen, our religion is immoral," complained Rachida Benamedá, representative of the Association of Muslim Meaux and its region, confirming a report in Le Parisien.

Benamedá Ms. complaint filed yesterday on behalf of the association at the police Meaux for "defamation". "When we saw that nobody reacted, we decided to do something and then to complain," she said. "Let this man be convicted for his defamatory must say stop to this kind of behavior, he must take responsibility," insisted Ms. Benamedá, representing 60 members of this association.

"As far as I know, mistresses are not banned in France, nor in Islam. Maybe by Christianity, but not in France, said Monday that merchant 35 who a beard, headdress, white cap and black jellaba.

Le Figaro

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