Thursday, April 29, 2010

Belgium's lower house of parliament votes to ban burka in public

Salma, a 22-year-old French national living in Belgium who chooses to wear the niqab after converting to Islam, gives an interview to Reuters television outside the Belgian Parliament in Brussels April 26, 2010. Belgium's parliament is due to vote on a proposal to ban the wearing of the full veil and the the full outer garment, or burqa, after a Belgian parliamentary committee voted to ban the full Islamic face veil. If ratified, Belgium could be the first country in Europe to enforce such a ban. Photo taken April 26, 2010.
Belgium voted to ban the burka and anything that obscures the identity of a person in public like the burka. The lower house of parliament in Belgium voted for the ban, not ono person voted against the proposed law.

The law is now heading to the Belgium senate where it might become law by the end of the year.

While the burka would be allowed on certain occasions it would not be allowed in any public places including the streets or shops and even parks.

Muslims in Belgium are apposed to the proposed law.


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