Friday, March 19, 2010

More Saudi money in UK universities

With 40% or higher illiteracy rates among Arab/Muslim women ~ yet strangely the priority is to pour hundred£ of million$ into western university €stablishments. All for the joy of it ~ doubtful ~ this money determines what a country hears and learns about Islam. Even what studies are conducted. The Salafist version would have to be the choice of any Arab donor. Schools receiving this money would therefore be required to give something back ~ that likely means no real challenges to Islam's tenets or its history. So sensitive the truth cannot be sought. These great universities reduced to virtual madrassas.

PRINCE Alwaleed of Saudi Arabia has been awarded an honorary degree by Edinburgh University.

During his visit to Edinburgh, Prince Alwaleed opened a new research centre for the study of Islamic civilisation and issues relating to Islam in Britain, which is based at the university.


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