Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Six newspapers reprint Muhammad cartoons



Westergaard's controversial Muhammad cartoons have been reprinted in six newspapers outside Denmark. Over 600 articles all over the world talks about Friday's assassination attempt.

Kurt Westergaard's controversial Muhammad cartoons were reprints of newspaper readers in Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Portugal and in Suriname. In total there are written over 600 articles all over the world on Friday's assassination attempt against the cartoonist, writes website

At least six newspapers have used the drawing again, and several major newspapers are national newspapers. The six newspapers are Portuguese Diario de Noticias, the two Belgian newspapers Het Nieuws and De Standaard Leaf, Slovak SME, Czech Dnes and Times of Suriname.

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Het Nieuws Leaf had a great article posted in their Sunday edition, and again Monday with the image of the Muslim prophet Mohammed with a bomb in his turban.

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The Norwegian Nettavisen brought also drawing on its website, but took the artwork from shortly after it was published.

Previously reprints drawing aroused fierce resentment among Muslims across the world, writes

Assassination attempt against Kurt Westergaard has been mention of several major international newspapers and was among other things on the face of India The Hindu.

Gulf News from the United Arab Emirates signs - according - in an editorial that Kurt Westergaard insulted Muslim prophet, but that it is best to forget him. Other Italian libero who writes in an editorial: How can we respect the Muslims, when they want to kill us, while the Dutch De Volkskrant writes in an editorial that Kurt Westergaard is a hero, and that the Danish authorities deserve respect and support for having stood firm., Gates of Vienna

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