Monday, January 4, 2010

Saudi royal becomes R&B /Islamic Gospel singer [Video]

You know the old saying - don't leave your day job - well likely this guy didn't have one !! Wouldn't like to be the Simon Cowell to this guy !!

A Saudi royal recently attempted to give himself a makeover… as an R&B star.

Prince Faisal bin Mansour bin Thunayan al-Saud, member of a cadet branch of the House of Saud, just came out with two Islamic-themed R&B songs about family values and suicide prevention. While that may sound strange, there are approximately 7000 Saudis who belong to the House of Saud — most of whom are obscenely rich. Odds are that one of them had to attempt a pop music career sooner or later. Faisal bin Mansour is the son of one of King Abdullah’s 36 brothers.

Prince Faisal’s first two songs were posted to his personal website, Islam is Eternal. The site offers a pop star-style photograph of Faisal, along with free downloads of the songs “Dear Mother Dear Father” and “Never Too Late.” [..]

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