Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Islamic hate cleric Anjem Choudary on £25k [$40K welfare] benefits - more than the UK soldiers who he calls Nazis


The honourable Anjem Choudary lines up like all other low income families to receive his handout from the UK government - while plotting its demise. His government funded revolt hopes to impose Islamic Sharia law - along with all its harsh punishments on the whole of UK society. His latest venture to protest UK troops killed in battle - has caused an uproar. He has even gone as far as publishing an open letter to families of deceased soldiers laying out why he wants to hold a march against their love ones - as well as offering personal advice - that they should all convert to Islam.

This is one of the reasons - accusing Europe of being Islamophobic or of hating Muslims is so ridiculous - if Mr Choundary wishes to he can import a second, third and even fourth wife from Pakistan - and the UK government will simply increase the funds to cover all of their living expenses, this includes houses paid for by the state for each wife and set of children. He should not be uncomfortable or feel discriminated against while he tries to take over the country!

HATE cleric Anjem Choudary nets £25,000 [$40,000] a year in benefits - £8,000 [$12,793] MORE than the take-home pay of soldiers fighting in Afghanistan, The Sun can reveal.

The Muslim extremist's handouts are not taxed, making his income equivalent to a £32,500 [$51,961] salary.

The revelation came amid mounting fury over bile-spouting Choudary's plan for a parade by Muslim hard-liners through repatriation town Wootton Bassett.

He has also likened British soldiers to Nazi stormtroopers.

State handout figures leaked to The Sun show Choudary, 42, gets £15,600 a year in housing benefit [rent paid] - to live in a £320,000 [$511,500] house in Leytonstone, East London.

The cleric is also given a £1,820 council tax allowance [local tax on each house - paid], £5,200 [$8,312] in income support [welfare] and £3,120 in child benefits [welfare for child care expenses]. That's a total of £25,740 [$41,152].

By contrast, a private fighting the Taliban in the Afghan badlands is paid a basic £16,680 - or £13,430 [$26,667 - or $21,471] after tax.

He also gets a £2,380 [$3,805] bonus for serving on the frontline and a £1,194 [$1,909] "separation allowance" for being away from home.

That makes total take-home earnings of £17,004 [$27,180]

The Sun


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Fkin cunt.... publish the fuckers address

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Time to cut him off and have him deported!