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Greek school teacher in mostly Muslim village near Turkey accused of getting kids to draw picture of Allah


Turkish speakers of Western Thrace, Greece have accused a Greek teacher who is either named Hara, Chara or Joy Nikopoulou - of asking kids to draw a picture of Allah. The Greeks are as far as I can decipher denying this - but whether it was a misunderstanding - or a well meaning mistake or a complete fabrication - for many Muslims - the matter will not rest until someone dies.

Chara Nikopoulou (W.A.), Primary School teacher in a school of Evros, (post-graduate summer school).

It appears that the teacher has already had run ins with the remote peasant school - when she wanted to take the children to a bigger city to sing Greek songs in a choir - most of the mainly Muslim parents pulled their children out. She believes the trouble started after - she had a run in with a cleaner at the school - who wasn't doing a very good job and when she complained about it - the maid/cleaner came to the school and started arguing with the children - when she asked that the woman - bring her complaints to herself an adult - the woman went away - and her husband returned. He wasn't so friendly - she sat down and asked him to sit at the other side of the table - he lost his temper and either physically hit her or hit an object on the table which then knocked her in the head (see pic on left). And there was mention of a gun [which could have been a bad translation] !!

20. February 2008
I am a Greek teacher, I have Hellenism in me
Interview with Joy Nikopoulou on TV Thessaloniki

This was 2008 - and it seemed from that article she continued to teach at the school - not wanting to label the whole town - and some of the children's families came round to support her in the evening.

This accusation appears to be the latest. Part of the conflict appears to stem from the fact that she is a non-Muslim and also it some of these people - it has been said would prefer not to send their children to school - in the first place.

Turkish speaking press in Thrace - translation

Hara Nikopoulou'nun last marifeti;

Make the picture of Allah!

Connected to the village of Derbent minority provinces Alexandroupoli United Christian Primary School teacher skill than the last one appeared Nikopoulou'nun Hara. H. Given home assignments to students in Nikopoulou image of God wanted to do. God does not ever ever seen a picture of parents, students showed their homework.
Parents also came to this question in the face of confused, what to do to their children began to think of how to respond, of course, that their children could do homework. Children were alarmed in the face of these events and many also went to school in tears.

How to meet students who can not do their homework Nikopoulou do not know. But we know have a real picture of God is not the direction he is İslâmiyet'te. Nikopoulou these students deny that they belong to the Islamic religion tries to do? The psychological damage done to students Nikopoulou do realize is I wonder? May not be aware of all this Nikopoulou perhaps, but this country's Minister of Education do not hear it may do all this? If this village is still duyorsa why this keeps teachers?

Defiant Greek site Olympia answers back:
Fairly good translation ~

The initiators of Nazism, the misozooi - miserable misogynist targeting (with a tolerance of the new government always) the heroic teacher, Joy Nikolopoulou. Someone should tell them that are mistaken if they think they will restore the medieval practices in the country shaking off the blood!

As was the magic of the Koran incident in which "friends of PASOK rose group with known pamphlets that echynan racial and religious PSEFDOLOGONTAS the poison, so far, using another weapon of the mullahs:

"The Joy Nikolopoulou put the children to paint the ... Allah!"

And have the nerve to do it when few days before attempted assassination of the Danish cartoonist who was targeted for the same reason! With the blessings of international terrorism!

With false reports in fascist pamphlets trying to Targeting joy Nikolopoulou the same slanderous lies and monitor the state irrelevant.

We say essentially fomenting racial and religious hatred, but also automatically prosecuted felony of "encouragement to Kakourgimatiki practice.

He immediately intervene prosecutor and prosecuting the perpetrators of the libelous publications and newspapers that host them.

It is understood that any threat made against Joy Nikolopoulou moving in international terrorism and proceed directly to similar approaches.

You comrades PASOK [Leftist government] preference votes instead of human rights, will probably stay hug with Al Qaeda.

Thanks to anonymous Greek


Anonymous said...

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KEMAL said...
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KEMAL said...

The turkish news paper called BIRLIK was apologised cose this accuse was a LIE,dont you know this? READ and SHOW TO THE PEOPLE THE TRUTH!!!!


KEMAL said...

The turkish news paper called BIRLIK was apologised cose this accuse was a LIE,dont you know this? READ and SHOW TO THE PEOPLE THE TRUTH!!!!