Monday, December 14, 2009

Islamic militants stone man to death for adultery in Somalia as villagers are forced to watch [Photo]


Begging for his life: Mohamed Ibrahim appeals to Islamic militants not to carry out the execution as he is buried in the ground as his villagers are forced to watch

Muhammad's punishment ~ stoning !!

This barbaric scene belongs in the Dark Ages, but pictures emerged today of a group of Islamic militants forced villagers to watch as they stoned a man to death for adultery.

Mohamed Abukar Ibrahim, a 48-year-old, was buried in a hole up to his chest and pelted with rocks until he died.

The group responsible, Hizbul Islam, also shot dead a man they claimed was a murderer.

But the verdict was so shocking that it prompted a gun battle between rivals within the group that left three militants dead, witnesses said.

The executions took place yesterday in Afgoye, some 20 miles south-west of the capital of Mogadishu.


No mercy: The militants bury Ibrahim in the ground in a village south-west of lawless Mogadishu, Somalia

Hizbul Islam fighters ordered hundreds of residents to a field, where a rebel judge announced that the two men had confessed to murder and adultery.

A woman who had confessed to fornication had been sentenced to 100 lashes, he added.

'This is their day of justice,' the judge, Osman Siidow Hasan, told the crowd. 'We investigated and they confessed.'

But when some Hizbul Islam fighters wanted to delay the executions, a bloody gun battle broke out between the two factions, shocked residents said.

'Three Hizbul Islam fighters died and five others were injured after they fought each other," Halima Osman, an Afgoye shopkeeper, told Reuters in Mogadishu by telephone.

'Some wanted to delay the execution while the others insisted. They exchanged fire. The group that was against the execution was overpowered and chased away,' she said.

Once the gun battle was over, the militants coldly carried out the verdicts.


Gruesome end: Hizbul Islam group members pelt Ibrahim until his face is a bloody mess and he dies. His face has been pixellated on grounds of taste

A relative of the murder victim shot the first as he lay on the floor.

'I could not watch,' local man Ali Gabow told Reuters. 'The lady who had been with the second man was only given 100 lashes because she said she had never married.'

The executions were the first time that Hizbul Islam guerillas had dealt out the type of punishments usually associated with the more hardline al Shabaab rebel group in Somalia.

The U.S. claims that al Shabaab is al Qaeda's proxy in the failed Horn of Africa state. That rival Islamic groups are beginning to align their practices with al Shabaab is a chilling twist in the already frightening militancy that is gripping the country.

President Sheikh Sharif Ahmed's Western-backed government controls just a few strategic sites in Mogadishu.

Western security experts say the country has become a safe haven for militants, including foreign jihadists, who are using it to plot attacks across the impoverished region and beyond.

There are some fears that Somalia could become the new pre-9/11 Afghanistan.

Al Shabaab, and to a lesser extent Hizbul Islam, are fighting the government to impose their harsh interpretation of Islamic Sharia law across the drought-ravaged country.

Al Shabaab clerics have banned movies, dancing at weddings and playing or watching soccer in the areas under their control, as well as carrying out executions and amputations.

Fighting has killed 19,000 Somali civilians since the start of 2007 and driven another 1.5 million from their homes, triggering one of the world's most acute humanitarian disasters.

The chaos has also spilled offshore, where Somali pirate gangs have made tens of millions of dollars in ransoms targeting commercial shipping in the Indian Ocean and busy Gulf of Aden.

Daily Mail


Salman said...

what makes you say that the people who carried out this act were 'islamic' militants?

Stoning is a punishment that is NOT ordained by the Quran. It is found in some shady fabricated books written about 300 years after the death of the last prophet.

It is a punishment that is present in the bible and not the Quran.

Unfortunately, most muslims are ignorant of this fact and carry out this heinous crime in the name of religion.

We need to draw a line what Islam is what it is not. Non muslims, just to serve their own purpose, will pick up anything that muslims do and label it as Islamic.

Again, stoning is not an islamic punishment. Those who believe otherwise got it all wrong. It is not in the Quran. said...

Q: what makes you say that the people who carried out this act were 'islamic' militants?

A: Hizbul Islam fighters


Keiron said...

The verse on stoning has been conveniently forgotten about over time. BUT it is very much an Islamic punishment, or has Salman conveniently forgotten Sharia Law? In this it is prescribed as a punishment for adultery. If stoning is not an Islamic Punishment, the Sharia Law is not Islamic.

Sharia Law is Islamic in its entirety, its rules a regulations are drawn directly from the Qur'an and Hadith's.

Salman, we have not got it wrong, it is you who have got it wrong, amazingly wrong, as to say stoning is not Islamic, is to say Sharia is not Islamic.

please see the following page;

If that verse has been forgotten, then how many others have been forgotten? Always seems that when something like this is said, a Muslim will always deny it even when faced with the truth

Sabihuddin said...

I think stoning is a right punishment for rapers.....
Now if you ask me why?????
The answers is this:-
If anybody do something wrong with your sister,Mother,Cusin or any relatives then what would you say to the judge??
To leave the raper or give him a harsh punishment.....
I think no one will say to leave the raper alive....
In case if the judge leave him.....
Then You will think,if I find him anywhere I will kill him up....
You will not leave him I think...

AbuBakar's Blogg said...

Stoning is a right punishment for this kind of people. Its according to Islamic punishment rules

hitmewithit said...

AbuBakar's Blogg - Are you completely mad, or just a zealot?
This man was an ADULTERER. He did not rape or kill or maim or torture anyone. He made love to a woman who was willing, whilst being married to another woman.
Whilst I will agree it is not a good thing to do and at best is cruel, it in NO WAY is deserving of such BARBARIC and DISGUSTING treatment.
You Sir need to look within yourself to find why you disagree.

Mohamed yusout said...

wow -- Very peace religion ?????? fuck yourself asshole . so Islam is terrorist religion every where !!!

Keith Bishop said...

What gives any person a right to play God. If this is what Sharia Law
teaches its pure evil.

Muhammad said...

Punishment in Islam is being executed by the government not by any person

scumspawn said...

the queston is why does islam feel the urge to spread like a cancer across the globe, dont get me wrong because yank evengelicals are just as bad in africa.
the fact is i think science has proved that there is no god in the sense that god was thought of when the koran and the bible was writen so shorly the said books must be labeled as works of fiction. said...

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