Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Islam Lesson Creates Controversy At N.J. School

40% of the school text book is dedicated to the Islamic religion.

A school lesson on the Islamic religion is causing quite a stir in Hunterdon County, New Jersey. Parents are upset the subject matter is too deep for sixth graders and doesn't tell the whole story of the faith. WFMZ's Jaccii Farris has the details.

REPORTER: I spoke with one parent who says she has no problem with her child learning about Islam. But.. she and others say the textbook being used.. reads more a Koran.. than a textbook.

REPORTER: This textbook.. History Alive! The Medieval World and Beyond is at the heart of the controversy. Its section on the Islamic faith and the lessons taught from it at Alexandria Township Middle School in Hunterdon County.. New Jersey has some parents upset. Those parents voiced their concerns to the district's curriculum meeting.


MICHAEL MAHLER: This book was not properly researched. There has been disputes on this book in Arizona.. Texas. It was banned due to the indoctrination of all type of studies it ensued. Basically in this book up to 40 percent of it is dedicated to Islam and the Muslim nation.

REPORTER: Michael Mahler and about ten other parents say the textbook preaches the Islamic faith in depth as part of a social studies lesson of the middle ages... But says nothing of other faiths of the time. The Alexandria Township School District allowed us to see the cover of the book.. but not the contents inside. The school district says there are parents who have told them they think this textbook's lesson on Islam is a good one.

If an objection to the text book is filed which you can find that on our web site then certainly we will convene and follow the process to review the textbook.

Three parents we spoke with say they have downloaded the curriculum forms and will be filing a complaint with the district. Again they say they have no problem with their children learning about Islam. But she says what's being taught flies in the face of no religion in the classroom. And doesn't talk about the modern reality of radical Islam.

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