Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Caliphate and the Islamic golden Age? [Video]

This guy is absolutely right - if Islam happened to take over Europe - all the things that Europe now produces and all that it invents - will become Islamic achievements.

They did the exact same thing after taking the Persian, Greek, Egyptian empires or former empires - all the great places of learning these advanced nations had - then become Islamic - specifically Arab achievements. The Muslim conquest of Spain is one of the things flagged by the Muslims as being so great. But the guy who led the North African and then Spanish peninsular conquest - Tariq something or other [Gibraltar is named after - the rock of tariq - in Arabic] - was himself a Syrian. So Moorish Spain was modeled on Syria - formerly a part of the Eastern Roman Empire.

Though I still can't get passed the idea that there had to be some resentment between the Syrians and the Byzantines - and possibly that is why the Syrians - Caliphate or what have you - moved to take over those parts as it - represented a chance to take over the Roman Empire - from their Byzantines rivals. This over any consideration given to the spread of Islam. [Don't forget it was still normal to worship many gods - we know the Syrians worshipped Allah's daughters - then undoubtedly they already paid respect to the father - the One God in the new Islam.] It was only some 30 years later that they forcibly made Arabic/Syriac the official language in these parts - and banned anything remotely Byzantium. And this coincided with their compiling the Koran - prior to this was an odd mix of papers in old Arabic that no one could read - the five pillars of Islam - sharia law [draw from Persian and Armenian law] - the lot was all invented or put together under the Syrians. Islamic architecture and famous calligraphy also came during this period - of the Syrian Caliphate. And no doubt because of the religious restrictions it has not changed much since.

A video explaining the Caliphate to Non-Muslims, and pulling apart the myth that the so-called Islamic Golden Age was "Golden."

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