Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dutch: Muslim elected lawmaker compares Wilders to Hitler


I could be mistaken but I think part of the reason Wilders was hauled into court was his comparison of Islam's holy book to Hitler's Mein Kampf.

In the Islamic world if you challenge Islam - your're dead - likely the Islamic Missy F would not even notice - the hanging or the beheading of such a person - no wonder they have 'unity' - they simply kill all those who oppose them. This seems to be the kind of freedom Muslims want in Europe - Wilders is saying - 'sorry' not here!

AMSTERDAM, 15/08/09 - Fatima Elatik, the Labour (PvdA) leader of the Amsterdam district council of Zeeburg, does not consider that she herself is demonising by comparing Party for Freedom (PVV) leader Geert Wilders to Adolf Hitler. "I am calling a halt to polarisation."

Elatik, who combines a headscarf with lip-gloss, compared Wilders to Adolf Hitler this week on the web community Twitter. Wilders reacted by calling her a "super-stupid goose." Elatik continued the polemic in Amsterdam newspaper Het Parool on Friday.

After saying on Twitter that Hitler, like Wilders, was democratically elected, Elatik has since softened the comparison with the Nazi leader. "Hitler cost the lives of millions of people. Any right-minded person would understand that a personal comparison does not hold water."

Nonetheless, she is not sorry. "Somebody must say it: Wilders' policy smells like the way in which Hitler began his movement. Hitler also systematically kept figures on Jews. To incite hatred. Wilders does this too. Polarisation will not help our beautiful, charitable country to live in peace. The Arab people, like the Jews a Semitic people, are being put in a corner. We are permitting polarisation."

Elatik does not consider that she herself is polarising with her Hitler comparison. "No, I am calling a halt to polarisation. (...) I am a binder, not a divider. (...) Wilders (...) plays on the person. (...) I do not. I have only said that his policy looks like that of Hitler."


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