Saturday, May 30, 2009

UK: Muslim mother-in-law from hell, jailed for enslaving and beating, 3 Pakistani wives imported for her boys

Tricked into thinking they would have a better life in the UK - this Muslim mother-in-law from hell - beat and worked day and night - the vulnerable young Pakistani wives she brought to UK - through arranged marriages for her boys (all first cousins) - recieved 7 years in prison and a long period of supervision.

A horrible case - but likely only the tip of the iceberg. Luckily British law only allows one wife - as no doubt she - would have arranged more slaves for each of her boys - who - by the way didn't seem to object to the way their wives were being treated - likely justified somehow as - obedience or submission of the wife - under Islam.

This arranged marriage system is a joke. Who are these people? Deals are struck and marriages are arranged. Its no wonder many Muslims are calling for Islamic law. They were probably born in Pakistan - or one of their parents were. If this continues - it will not be a case of Brits of Pakistani descent integrating into British life - it will be the rest of Britain - integrating into Pakistani life. Pull the plug on these sham arranged marriages. No doubt some Taliban - have been allowed to gain british passports - via this lackadaisical immigration system.

Jailed: Naseemah Bibi would beat and abuse her three daughters-in-law

A woman was jailed for seven years today for falsely imprisoning her three daughters-in-law who she treated as 'slaves and dogs'.

Naseebah Bibi, 63, would not let the women leave the family home in Blackburn, Lancashire, without her permission.

One of her victims told detectives she was forced to work on an industrial sewing machine day and night for 13 years.

Bibi, of Pringle Street, was convicted by a jury at Preston Crown Court last month of falsely imprisoning Nagina Akhtar between 1993 and 2006, Tazeem Akhtar from 2001 to 2003 and Nisbah Akhtar between 2005 and 2007.

All three women were brought to the UK following arranged marriages to Bibi's three sons but were subjected to beatings and abuse from her after they arrived.

Sentencing her, Judge Robert Brown said it was evident that her victims were 'traumatised by you both physically and psychologically and spent long periods living in fear'.

He ordered that Bibi serve three and a half years of her sentence in prison before she would be allowed out on licence and would then need to be monitored for up to nine years from the start of her custodial sentence.

He said: 'It seems to be necessary in the public interest that you should be subject to a long period of supervision after you are released from prison so that your situation and that in your household can be monitored.

'At the same time because of your poor health and in particular your mental health I shall keep the custodial element of sentence as short as I can, consistent with my duty to punish you, to deter you from further offences and to protect the public.'

The court heard that a fourth woman had been betrothed to one of her sons and that she had been destined to live in the Bibi household but Judge Brown said he would pass on the information to the immigration authorities.

Prosecutors said Bibi ruled the household with a regime of beatings and threats as she totally dominated the three women who were treated as unpaid servants.

Naseemah Bibi arriving for court

The daughters-in-law had high expectations of a happy family life in England when they married their first cousins in Pakistan but instead they were cruelly abused and allowed no contact with the outside world.

One of the victims, Nagina, told the police that she was ordered to spend her time sewing as soon as she arrived in Blackburn in 1993 following her marriage to Bibi's son Fahim and was also told she could not have a higher education.

She carried on sewing up to a fortnight before the caesarean birth of one of her three children and was back on the machine within a month.

When the sewing work ran out she was made to do household chores, cooking and cleaning.

She said Bibi struck her with a brush handle and slapped her across the face whenever she disobeyed her.

Sisters Nisbah and Tazeem also gave evidence to the jury that their lives were 'made hell'. They too were slapped across the face, hit with a brush handle and struck with shoes when they answered back to Bibi.

Judge Brown said that he had taken into account the 'cultural element' of the case.

'You had a dominant position over your daughters-in-law. I take into account that in arranging the marriages in the first place you felt obliged to follow the wishes of your own parents concerning arranged marriages,' he said.

'But none of these facts can be an excuse for the degree of cruelty and imprisonment to which the three victims were subjected.'

Daily Mail


Neal said...

This is a wakeup report to how stupid and ugly fucking Islam people are.

Yes I insist keep having incest, at least when you do finally declare war on the west, we will have smarter fighters, better technology and more experience.

a worried muslim said...

there are more monsterous in-laws, unfortunately indian or pakistani muslims in uk. immigration should ammend its laws for their sake. as bernard shaw said, best religion- islam but worst people - muslims. my religion tells husbands to deal with their wives as if made of delicate china... and they feed them to mother-in-laws. respect your parents but not at the cost of your wives