Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Video: Taliban slaughter Pakistani soldiers and residents like animals




video video

Source: Taliban slaughtering accused like animals


Ruqayyah said...

How stupid can a jew be, or better say, how blind can a jew be!

Did you consider for one second what these slaughtered ones have done to deserve such a punishmant!!! Did you, you stupid cow?!?!

And the whole blog of yours..I mean ..WHAT IN THE WORLD ?!?! Burqa free ?!?!?! A one eyed, idiotic jew is talking about freedom, and what it means?!?!

What a debility!!!!

What did you expact from showing this videos, did you want to shock someone, after the GENOCIDE ON GAZA you commited, you sliggish pig, you want to shock someone with brutality?!?!

Thank you for another evidence about how stupid and blind you are!

Be sure, that one eye you have left, is the target of the muslim spear, by the will of Allah I will not go from this world before I do not kill at least 1000 jews, before I do not stab 1000 evel eye's!!! InshaAllah

So much about your shocking affact! Filthy pig!

AbdulWahid said...



Allahu Akbar, the world has seen there farce, and screaming about the Holocaust doesn't work anymore except with Zionist Jews and Zionist Christians. Insha'Allah we will be looking down on you in the hellfire from Jannah.

Anonymous said...

Ruqayyah - Go fuck a goat bitch.

Infidelwhotakesyourwomen said...

Keep showing these. I foreword every one to every Congressperson (however ignorant) they may be.

As for these savage moonrock-worshiping, posters you've attracted....It shows how good of a job you're doing, to get under their skin so. It's a historical fact that Mohammed (Piss be upon him) was a child-raping murderous bandit who knew nothing of God, and who did nothing more than steal a pagan religion from his own people, then kill and pillage more people to further his greed.

I am too old to be allowed to "meet" these two cowards who remind me of Mohammed... (Pigs be upon him), but I have a Marine, and I'm not afraid to use him, as he is eager to "play" with them as soon as he can.

InshaAllah actually means: "I have a small penis, it only fits chickens, and my sons ass."

b!L@waL_the P@ra1]!$e said...

fuck u assholes... ......bhen chodo ... sharam nahi aati .. aur tum log ise jihad kehte ho... gando'o... tum logon ko kya lagta hai ... keh allah tumhein maaf kar de ga... hargiz nahi... jaoon kahin ja kar apni gand marwao!

b!L@waL_the P@ra1]!$e said...

tumhari gand mein danda de... !

Anonymous said...

do u wish to drink scalding water?

Anonymous said...

fuck you!!!
you muslims pussies...i would gladly run my blade through all of your mother's throats while you sit there and watch,then i would gouge out your eyes with a dull blade and cut you from the neck all the way down to your pathetic excuses for penises....but that wouldnt be enough to avenge all those poor people you have killed...fuckin cunts...i piss on your Qoran

Anonymous said...

I pray for you. And I'm one to not believe in religion. I hope that my compassion reaches to you. May you repent for what you have done. And hope that in your mildest dreams that you never meet me. I will do things to you that will make this look like meer childs play.

Anonymous said...

this was childs play did you see the kids hacking away at someones neck like a chicken quarter ...crazy shit

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for them to come over here... that is if korea dont destroy us first

ali said...

Thanks Allah, Pakistan Army has taken over SWAT and punish these "so called Takibans" what they deserve....soon same will happen in FATA...and we will able to eliminate these extremists from our beloved country!!

Anonymous said...

religon the downfall of mankind.

Anonymous said...

This is all very simple. The people of this world who matter.... who understand that whatever God created us, created ALL of us and gave us life to live and learn..... those people ALL understand the sickness and mental illness that Islam and Muslims are. Islam has given nothing to the universe but pain, evil, murder, child sex, animal sex and stupidity. Nobody will miss Islam when the world rises up and kills this cancer. The time is close and the more we wake up, the faster it will come. The Muslims like the restarted kids in this video and even the victims in many cases, are just not smart enough to understand what life is all about. These pigs have been murdering since the beginning of time. they hate the West because we have advanced so much and proven that they are to stupid to know anything but animal sex and murder. Fuck Islam and God Bless America and all peaceful people wherever they may be.

Anonymous said...

Muslims are like cancer that should be rid of the same way these bigots have killed innocents.

Go and fuck yourselves into oblivion you bastards.

Anonymous said...

what bull shit is that. they r little kids for god sake. that really shows that the talibans cannot fight like a man. because when they face real man they run away. u guyz r nothing but power less man. who are completely brainless. ill say its good that the americans and the britishers are beating u up. I wish that u people get blown up into peaces and ur parents just keep looking and fixing ur body parts. ISLAM never teaches u to do that. it even teaches u to be kind even to the prisoners of war. but u guyz call ur self Muslims Dam u people ur worst then animals even animals have a sight of love. i wish u people die in hell.

Anonymous said...

you have done nothing but turned me against everything that you claim to stand for, like the IRA who butchered soldiers doing their job, like any lowlife coward who doesn't have respect for their enemy, only the British and the Americans rise above the lowlife terrorists and show that they have compassion, respect and follow the rules when dealing with prisoners. Maybe they shouldn't now, why not kill all the....can't even be bothered, the lowlife will suffer, Taliban scum, lowlife uneducated third world shit.

blairsammy said...

is that it bitches chop a head of waw id have fed it to his wife and kids u smelly arab fuckers allah wankbar why is it every enemy of the brits are terrorists

shan naqvi said...

These people are not muslims, they are anti Islam, Islam give the message of peace..They do these bad things on the name of Islam..These people will go to HEll!

Anonymous said...

it disgusts me that here in britain we welcome scum like these ,they take our jobs ,milk the system,breed like fuckin flys and our government let the bastards do as they like,we are second rate in our own country and the sooner we are cleansed of this trash the better,and it will come,

Anonymous said...

Barbarick inhumane peices of worthless muslim shit.

The world could do without them. I would love to see them all lying dead in a very deep pit of sewerige and pig offel.

I am sick of hearing about them and their fucked up lifestyles.

a\XZa said...

fuck that fuck that

Anonymous said...

hey u stupid christians , jews and hindus. Islam is the religion of Truth,peace .whenever u wanna know about the islamic law or fundamentals ,go to the right source read the glorious koran and the sunnah.believe me u will never find a single point which is against humanity.some bad people are quoting versus from the holy book that u might think it is against hummanity , the versus are out of context.u should read the holy book and see what it is about ,why did that verse reveal ? then the truth will be clear to u.the people who did this ,they are not even muslims and The religion of truth doesnt teach us that.this is a part of negative propoganda against the Holy religion of Islam from the West. they call us terrorist but the real terrorist are thier self.let me ask u something who has slaughtered six millions jews? hitler ,he was cristian and the biggest terrorist ever in the world.they have killed thousands of innocent human beings in IRAQ ,AFGHANISTAN war .9/11 was planned by the west,they cannot prove it that it was done by the muslims.and it was thier first attack on islam. it is all political game and thier are using every kind of media against the Religion of truth.the guys that have slaughtered the muslims ,who knows who they are , have anyone met them ,who knows that they have been trained by the west against Islam. think about it friends and do not trust these kind of things against islam until it is proved to u. let me tell u something ,a day will surelly come that u will realize ,why didnt i accept the truth ? and at that time nothing is gonna work and nothing is gonna save u from hellfire inshallah.

Anonymous said...

motherfuckers cristians and jews and hindus ,soon the same thing is going to happen to u ready for it

Anonymous said...

idiot AMERICA is doing this in our country to miss guid people AMERICAN ARE WORST THEN DOGS AND PIGS

Anonymous said...

I am in a estate of shock that how can these so called humans so brutely kill these innocent people.They does not deserve to live,they deserve to be tied up with ropes and each rope should be tied up with cars and strech them until their parts get seperated.This will help them understand the pain of brutal death. Its shameful for us that we are sitting in our homes seeing these pictures and videos but not reacting or protesting against these devils.Where are all the Muslims have they forgotten why we are living for,what our ancestors did,what did the HolyProphet(S.A.W)said, is this our faith,is this Islam taught us,is this what the Holy Quran teaches us;simple is that we all are simply coward.We are sitting in homes seeing all of this, telling others,felling sorry about this,speaking in angerness but we have no guts to unite and take over these filthy devils. Who ever is behind these acts they simply are not humans they are worse than animals. I have much to say,even if the letters end this topic might not be finished. Last Thing "UNITE FOR REVENGE" AdnanNassar from Rawalpindi.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I piss on your quron I spitin your mothers face . I HATE ARABS!!!

alive said...

this is not good way to teach thoese pepople who kill the inocient pepople from the order of america .because islam is the religon of peace .

Anonymous said...

I am trying to fathom murder, cruelty and religion all in it together ...

Alas ! I am lost!

How I wish the Quran wasn't revealed at all.

How I wish there was no religion called Islam.

Would the world have lost or missed out anythiing substantial that too even Allah?

Even if it lost some Allah and some revealed book, human life would have been more worth in freedom and dignity to be in significance.

Thorum said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
UMAD said...

this is not Islam. these are some motherfucker trained by some bran washed ass. no body has the right to kill anyone my making Islam an excuse. and second of all they are not patans because of the fact that they are not even humans these some mother fucker. MAY ALLAH HAVE HIS CRUSE OF THEM.

Saqib said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Saqib said...

Kya yehi islam hai in logon ko sharam aani chaiye khuda aur os k Rasool(SAW)Ka Naam istemal kartey hain. unho ne ye to nahi skhaya tha Aap(SAW)ne to kuffar ko bhi muaaf kar dia tha.Ye log Musalman nahi hain.ALLAH in k Shar sey Bchaye.aakhir mai mera un logon sey sawal jo in Madad kartey hain jis din kisi Blast main un ka koi Pyara Marey ga Tab main un sey puchon ga jab kisi ka pyara marta hai to kitni takleef hoti hai

Anonymous said...

Thoose peole Doing This Are No Muslim And they Will Go To Hell!!!
im A Muslim And I Pray To Allah To Punish Them.

Anonymous said...

haha Taliban needs to get more creative. They should learn how to read and check out the Apaches. They knew how to keep it real.

I give them a 2 out of 10 for creativity.

Anonymous said...

Why they are killing pakistani soldiers and innocent people, if these peoples are muslims?

These are mother fuckers indian soldiers and also mother fucker CIA agent.

They destroyed Iraq, Afganistan and also want to destroy pakistn.
Because pakistan is muslim and atomic country.

These peoples are mother fuckers and are like a pig, there mothers ,sisters and wifes will be fucked by PAKISTAN ARMY in few days.

Anonymous said...

why you mother, barking to Quran and Islam.

You are a america and european dog and pimp.

Anonymous said...

Ruqayyah you are the scum of the earth.Alla is a homosexual.Burqas were only ever used to cover yere ugly womens faces.Mohammed was a filthy slave and thief who is presently rotting in hell along with alla.

You say ur going to stab 1000 jews before you die.Now im not jewish but i can promise you with i will beat you to a pulp with my fists before you do that.Who knows when you meet allah in hell maybe hell use your pulp body as a sex toy to emulate the male anus being the fag he is

Anonymous said...

There are some mother fucker jewes , hindus.and mother fuckers christian.
They are against Hijab, because there sisters, mothers and wifes are oral suckers. They suck the penas and cock of their boyfriend , their brother boy friends and their father boy friend and also thei brothers, father and neigbours.
So , can they wear Hijab an nuqab.
Their sisters and mothers suck the cock of the dogs and hourses, if they do hijab and nuqab, they can not suck these animals cock an they opoose Islam and hijab or nuqab. They are pimp.their mothers are fucked by hourses and dogs and pigs, so they always barks to ISLAM.

Anonymous said...

Tum sub hudus ,christian and jewes ki maaa ki phudi mei mera lun.

Tumhari gandi mei danda day na soonay ki chirrriya na chandi ka anda, na lohay ka sarrya, teri gand mei danda day.

nomi said...

tumara maa ka kusss taliban bainchodo.. randi ki naslo... apna maaaa ka kussss kato... basterdsss..... these people are sick......

Anonymous said...

giving bad words to each others religion does not solve the problem,and without knowing whts real, was it a muslim, jew or christian who killed those people ..... u cant blame it on islam......
the whole world is against islam as in the hadees ..... and the guys who made such abbusive words for islaam will regret it very sooon (ameen)
the end is near my friends ........
we the muslims do not care wht the people r saying we belive in the all mighty(allah)and follow his messenger..........inshaalah qyamat is near be prepared every one

Anonymous said...

Mothers of jews, christian, hindus and qadyani sucks the penis {cock} of the elephant, and also you sucks penis of muslims ant taliban penis.

Your mothers are fucked by dogs

Anonymous said...

So much hate, Islam is not a bad religion n I'm not Muslim. It just the people who disgrace the religion and their Allah by killing, hating, and hurting their own souls. No matter if your a jew, muslim, christian, or hindu- God, Allah they are all the same. Just different languages. The 3 religions of the book all follow the old testament and if they read it properly the golden rule in all religions is to love others as you love God/Allah. In no way can a terrorist claim they are following Allah, in fact when they hurt or kill anyone, jew, christian, muslim, hindu, or sihk.. they are hurting and killing again and again their Allah. It is a shame the world has come to this. I pray for all who are racist and killers. May your Allah/God send you some guidance and lead you away from sin.

Anonymous said...

The moment you kill by words or physically, and when you disgrace a mother- the women who give you life through God/Allah's will, you no longer belong to any religion except for that of hate. Peace is all God/Allah wants. If you convert people through violence/terror their heart will never belong to Allah.
ps. The tradition of the Burqa came from Persia it is not originally part of the Islamic tradition and also Allah/God made the first humans naked not with clothes or covered in a Burqa, does that say something. Unless you can argue that with text from the Koran/Bible/Torah.

Anonymous said...

How stupid is anyone who believes the lies of Islam and Muhammed (or Mohamed ~whatever)
It is a religon of lies thieves and murder.

Anonymous said...

Watching this makes me embrace my society with all it's faults. In comparison, I live in paradise in my secular nation.

Anonymous said...

I m a Hindu and I take oath today if my country India is involved in this i'll leave my religion and my country. plz find the truth behind before all the mankind is finished by this brutality. I just want...whosoever is doing it sud b brought in front and the truth sud come out.

Anonymous said...

\ur end is close\\\\
these fucker kill each other .tiban u r going to face the death the same way ..this world has one rule what u do u get the same...insa ....
poor guy was doing his duty. in name of god this too much.... better is my country corruption but peace...friendly but cheat but not killers....tilban u should hav not destroied bayman Buddha..he was god better than rest... and simple living is best living ..even jannat has the lords who can destroy ,,,,u r nt true muslim 5th generation converted muslims...u were before buddhists ..that is all are just converted ....

Anonymous said...

taliban u r jst like a son of bloody bitch.gashti k bachon.tmhari maa ko lun.aik baap k ho tou samnay ao.tmhari maa ko lun na dn phr kehna

hitler_hitler_5000cc said...

all these taliban are now in jails or killed by pakistan army they lost swat vally. now my advice to pak army those taliban which are now in jails they are many thousands, similarly cut their necks.

hitler_hitler_5000cc said...

all these taliban are now in jails or killed by pakistan army they lost swat vally. now my advice to pak army those taliban which are now in jails they are many thousands, similarly cut their necks.

Fernando said...

damn this shit ain't right ...... I feel pity for these bastards .... Islam is supposed to be a religion of peace and tolerance .... These guys are following their own rules , their own distorted version of the Holy Quran .... I wouldn't blame anyone if they saw this video and said some stuff about Islam .... Just know that this IS NOT Islam .... We are much more civilized and the actions of these blind extremist pricks depict a wrong picture of the very peace-loving religion that is Islam .... I hope my words mean something to someone out there ... We are working side-by-side with you guys to root out terrorism .... Might even be doing more than you think ... So this was just to remind you , ease up on the comments and try to look into Islam deeper so that you may know how beautiful the religion is ....

Mafia said...

I have A SINGLE QUESTION FROM THESE ALL STUPID BRAINWASHED INNOCENT So called MUSLIMZ. TELL ME HOW MANY Suicide BOMBERS Hazar Muhammad (P.B.U.H) prepare to Win The Battle Of Badr???? How 313 Win the Battle with 1000 enemies????? with no extra ordinary weapons!!! ...No Horses, No Suicide bombers????? and when they Win????!!! you know how many Kufaar Accepted Islam???

The Whole World Know That The Muhamaad Win The World Just from His "Akhlak", He won The Hazar Ali, Umar, Abu Bakar and Usman hearts just from his words and The words of Holy Quran. I feel so sorry for you as i feel sorry for Abu Jahl who knew that Proprt is on the right path and knew that Allah is the Mightiest Lord of All. but for the World Fame!!! The lose the battle of Here After.

You Bring All Your Suicide Bombers, We Will Bring All Our Kids Holding Holy Quran and let The Allah to Decide on Here After.

Money said...

This is not Islam... I wish and pray Allah All Mighty destroy the taliban.

ali said...



Waqar Ahmed Khattak said...

These Taliban are doing right and exactly what Islam says. They can't be blaimmed. These are the true follower of Islam. On the other hands, those muslims who just rely on their Prayers and fasts can't be called complete followers of Islam.
Islam has a complete way of living a life. Taliban and the Mujahideen are those Muslims who are called Momin in the Qur'an not those muslims who just rely on their Namaz and Roza.
Taliban and the Mujahideen are those people who are going to be the followers and soldiers of Imam Mehdi (A.S) because they are living in the same area where the troops and soldiers of Imam Mehdi (A.S) are supposed to depart from. This is why I am with the Mujahideens of Afghanistan which is known as Khurasaan in Arabi and I am soon going to join the Talibans and become one of those soldiers who are going to be with the Hazrat Esa (A.S) and Hazrat Imam Mehdi (A.S).
Learn Islamis Ahadis to see the proof of what I have said here.

Farzand shah said...

khoti k bachy abi tak tu icy muslman kehta hai lanat hai tery pyda hony par hi gandi ulad

Farzand shah said...

waqar ahmad khttak lanti mujhy shak hota hai k tu insan b hai ya koi pig whatever hrami nasal muslmano ko badnam kar raha hai main thjh sy sawal pochta hu k muhmmad (s.a.w) ny jang badar main jab k wo sirf 313 thy aur tujh jaisy kafar 1000 thy tab unho ny kitny khudkush hamla awar bnay thy u stupid pata nai teri shakal py kis tarah ki lanat pari ho gi kuty insan.insano k nam py kalank hai tu bloodi idiot>>>>>>>>>>>>

Farzand shah said...

jin logo ny b in taliban ka sath dia hai wo kabi muslan nahi ho sakty zulam karny waly par Allah ki lanat hai aur main in ki sakhat muzammat karta hu islam main kisi ko janwaro sy bhi buri tarha katna kahan likha hai tell me u all boldy idiots jo log bhi in ko acha kehty hain main un sab par lannat bhejta hu tha aur lannat behjata rahu ga inshallah.......

yaseen said...

yaseen baloch,

the anaynumos person said all the dirty things about muslim , muslim and islam are not dirty the people who did all these things they are dirty and islam preaches us to be well with all the person and if these bastard have any courage whom they said dirty words to the book of Allah and the islam they can surely email me i will give them a answer they never thought of that and taliban are not muslim muslim cant do this and beavre that the people are dirty not the islam and the HOLLY QURAN THE BOOK OF ONE AND ONLY GOD ALLAH THE MOST MERCIFUL ( LOVE ISLAM )

yaseen said...


peers said...

vat the hell ....every musilms hate that
and i would like to sujjest the blogger to show the body piece of thousands of muslim womens ,childrens by israel and usa bombing in gaza/iraq/afganistan

kamran said...

yeh na to taliban hai sirf apni dushmani ki wajha say in kay sar kat deye hai or inho nai taliban ka naam or musalmano ka nam badnaaam kiya hai in par allah ki lanat hai yeh aisay kam karte hai

Khayal said...

These all Talibans are creations of the Motherfuker "JEWS & Chiristans" the are not muslims. All of them are just doing this all shit. if muslims are so bad and they are not good. than what the hell are u doing in Our Countries. u motherfukers are just smelling our Natural Resources, u are all the sons of PIGS. if we are bad than why u come to our countries. u want fukers for ur mothers and sisters thats why u come here.

tufailghaloo said...

oh taliban you are not humans so how you called muslims? shame on you taliban.........

Arif said...

THis not your fault,you bloody talban, this is the fault of your mothers who sexually entercoursed with dogs and given you bitches birh.You know nothing above murder,fuck and voilence,you are surely beyond the golden Islamic principles.The bloody cristians,jews and hindus who are abusing Islam and Quran should first learn about Islam and then say something about.We muslims believe that no relegion in this world teaches voilence,Islam especially is the relegion of peace.JEWS AND HINDUS ARE ALWAYS BLIND

mahathirm77 said...

I would say that the one got killed maybe an islam but im sure the one who kill them is not an islam and they are devils in human form.

crowcaller57 said...

Anonomous: I would not cut your head off you piece of shit taliban! The torture I would inflict on you for an hour or more, you would be wishing I would do that instead. You would be begging to see your fucking Pig Sucking Allah. Your Muhammad is a DOG that drinks Pig blood. We will wipe you out. I wipe my ass with your Qurans pages everyday.

Steffan said...


dostana.1 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dostana.1 said...

they are not muslims they are not mujahids they are just servants of america and the biggest mother fuckers
there is nothing written in holy book to execute muslim like this
Hey Allah please guide these lost people

BLT31 said...

Muslims and their Sharia Law have now taken the next "Big Step" into perversion by allowing a man to have sex with his dead wife. Coming to the nearest morgue near you. Don't walk into the wrong room at the funeral home because you will get an eye fall.

human said...

one thing we all must remember... that god is watching every thing. so think twice in urs fuckin head before doing this type of hannibalisam in the name of god

human said...

one thig we all must remember that god is watching everything. . .so be carefull & think twice in urs usless brain, before doing this type of hannibalisam in the name of god

R Sommer said...

What can be done? Use or your own hand to send hand-written letters to your elected officials.

ishtiaq said...

these are just ignorant pigs they are not muslim they have nothing to do with islam infact they are not human because islam does not teaches what these stupids are doing and wish and hope that they should be punished the same way as they done to these poor people islam teaches that you should be kind even to the animal of your enemy so where is this rubish comming from and because of this kind of people world get ugly image of islam infact islam is a beautifull relegion and the way of life these animals have nothing to do with islam. if you give a ferari car to bad driver he will crash it so that does not mean that there was somthing wrong with the car but the the driver was not a good driver so if want to know about islam dont believe in this people but study islam and study the life of mohammad (SAW) and study quran please dont use bad or abusive word for any relegion thank you

karan said...

m from india...a hindu...see i hav many frens over here who r muslims...n they are really gud human beings...not like the above people....a religion iz never bad...itz said in hindu bura na musalman bura jo burai par utar aye vo insan bura h...dat means neither a hindu z bad nor a muslim...only d human dat lacks humanity z bad....

arya said...

human cuts human if this is taught by islam, than i wanna say fuck that custom and like people who are really like a pig's child. custom always teach how to love with human and life.

raja said...

just fuck them all ..............

raja said...

just fuck them all the animals........

raja said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
raja said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
raja said...

islami people is doing this all for there god,but god never said ,for me u kill each other,islami is thinking that the r doing right...but they don"t know,they r making way to go in hell,god never forgive them all never,never trust on muslims people...never,,its my experience,they r friendly up to there needs,at last they forget our love towards to them,they forget our straggling,for them,they forget our shadow,which provides by us for them,they forget us and they do which,there four father tells them,due to there bad Generosity ,who is not criminal even they also have to straggle,they do crimes here,but god also do crime there up in another world,by giving punishment to bad human,like islami.muslims,and another who do never end up to mind sharp,v have to change ours thinking power,if v love muslim islami they will change one day,,don"t forget nathing is impossible,but to change mind and world,unite is important...

but simple way to finish this all ,,finish muslim,islamis...if the needs came....but unit can break them all up......


Unknown said...

The comments here merely demonstrate that muslims are criminals who must be held accountable for their crimes, and punished accordingly. I think death is suitable. And the assets of all muslims and mosques should be liquidated and used to compensate the living victims of this murderous political organization.

mustafa said...

one can never kill anyone for any reasons the religion doesn't teach us i am a Muslim alhamdulliah but being from the Muslim community i condemn and extremely criticize on this the people are not simply humane those bastered bitches must not let alive they are killing innocents

Admin said...

These Taliban are Wahabis (Deobandi).

They know how to slaughter a Sunni or Shia.

But they mostly forget how to kill a Salfi Ahle Hadith Wahabi or Deobandi Wahabi.

Rudra said...

You cannot blame muslims for the radical views they have, that religion is born out of trouble and nothing but trouble, prophet was killed by his own and then it has gone on.

Now the religion is controlled by muslims from saudi arabia, all muslims are their puppets, the day oil is over in saudia arabia, we will see reality. Patience pays, what goes around comes around.

pakistan madarchod said...

sab muslim madarchod behenchod hai unki amma ki 10 lund ug ayi hai is liye un gand phati hai tbhi to inka pakistan bas lulla chuste rehejata hai , sale madarchod !!!!!!!!

America said...

I am an american... now i know my government isnt the best and they have their secrets lots of em too.. and i wouldnt doubt it they planned the towers... now dnt think i hate my country i love america but our gov. is corrupt it hurts inncoent people for profit... it has nothing to do with religion jus "PROFIT".. but what these guys or kids are doing in this video is beyond ruthless its inhumane america wouldnt cut heads off like that.. i dnt blame islam because am sure not every islamic would do such a thing those people will soon regret everything when faced with death they'll see no alla for they are in hell. but to say america is at fault and will pay ur misguided its gonna take more then aks and rpg to invade america

Ali said...

I'm a Muslim, may Allah kill all of them (Taliban) like they kill our soldier and innocent peoples. "Please God" Erase them from the earth.

Fuck those Taliban who are killer.

bilawar said...

bass! ab Qayamat ke din zaldi nazdik aa rahe hai! said...

very nice video

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Barbara said...

Why do you cowards cover your face? There is a special place in hell for you all. You will cry for your allah when Jehovah God the Mighty looks at you, but it will be too late. Piss on all of you. You are not animals--animals are not demons--like you are. Animals are better than you--including DOGS.veedeta

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Do you think that you shock us with your murders? No. Seen one, seen them all. Boringggggggggggg. Piss on you all. The blood of the innocents you will never be able to wash off your hands. You have a dead soul and your wickedness will eat away at what little of you is alive, you will beg for forgiveness, but it will not be. Amen.

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According to Islam it is a great sin to kill an innocent person, and anyone who does so will suffer great torment in the hereafter:

...So We decreed for the tribe of Israel that if someone kills another person - unless it is in retaliation for someone else or for causing corruption in the earth - it is as if he had murdered all mankind. And if anyone gives life to another person, it is as if he had given life to all mankind. Our Messengers came to them with Clear Signs but even after that many of them committed outrages in the earth. (Qur'an 5: 32)

As we can see from the above verse, killing one innocent person is regarded as equivalent to killing all of mankind. In another verse, the importance that the faithful attach to life is expressed in these terms:

"Those who do not call on any other god together with Allah and do not kill anyone God has made inviolate, except with the right to do so, and do not fornicate; anyone who does that will receive an evil punishment" (Qur'an 25: 68)

In yet another verse, God issues the following commandment:

Say: 'Come and I will recite to you what your Lord has made forbidden for you': that you do not associate anything with Him; that you are good to your parents; that you do not kill your children because of poverty - We will provide for you and them; that you do not approach indecency - outward or inward; that you do not kill any person God has made inviolate - except with the right to do so. That is what He instructs you to do so that hopefully you will use your intellect. (Qur'an 6: 151)

Any Muslim who believes in God with a sincere heart, who scrupulously abides by His words and fears suffering in the hereafter will avoid harming even one other person. That is because he knows that God is the Lord of Infinite Justice, and will suitably reward him for all his deeds. In one of the prophetic traditions, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) listed the kinds of people who are not pleasing to God.

'Those who act cruelly and unjustly in the sacred lands, those who yearn for the ways of the ignorant and those who wrongly shed human blood.' (Reported in Bukhari)

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stop saying "Allah u Akbar" u motherf'cker. see what Allah will do with u.

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